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  • Interesting, but not art.

  • "Two of my friends"

    Not a very big sample size, is it?

  • "Smartphones have rendered the $200 compact obsolete, and they're creeping up on $500 interchangeable lens cameras."

    Comments like this are idiotic coming from a supposed photography site. It's...

  • Some people use cameras for you know making photographs, not videos.

  • I can. I wish they would get rid of video in most cameras. There is no need for it. If you need to shoot video, use your phone or buy a video camera.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    Funny when they asked reviewers they pretty much all preferred a traditional mirror camera. EVFs are a novelty and something that gets old quickly.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    In reality, lens calibration is something only weiners who go around shooting their Sigma F1.4 "Art" lenses wide open 24-7 need to worry about.

    If you're shooting at good apertures like F8, etc...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    It used to be the high ISO race....."Nikon is going under," "Canon is eating Nikon's lunch" and then the D3 came out. Now it's "Canon is going under," and "Sony and Fuji are killing Canon." ...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    I always look at dxomark to justify my purchases from four years ago.

  • Commented on article Canon EOS M6 Review

    Actually Vit Adamek you are wrong also. The M6 DOES have digital stabilization for stills also (not just video).

    From Canon's own site: Even when you hold the camera as steady as you can, some...

  • It's pretty simple I think. Sony pays, Pentax doesn't.

    For the record, I don't think Nikon pays however it would be very odd if dxomark excluded a major DSLR release by one of the big two. ...

  • If you could only get a 13" print from a D3 you were doing something wrong.

    I made a 24X36" print from a D50 without issue. This was shot in JPEG also.

  • I hope you have a good reason for making this story up.

    If you're not, post your source. If you are going to claim you were a "paid working professional" then please post a link to your portfolio.

  • You must be a blast at parties...

    Get a life.

  • I don't think most people care, frankly. If you are ruminating about a comment by a company rep, you may want to seek a "pro" yourself.

    Obviously you have Sony gear and were a little butthurt by...

  • I don't want "lighter and smaller."

    Why are people so wimpy? Time to hit the gym Hans if you can't carry a DSLR.

  • Safe to say most D850 buyers already own nice lenses. Buying a new top of the line camera is always expensive if you are not already invested in the system. This is why I kept all my old F mount...

  • This is a camera and phone website. It's definitely not about photography.

    Gender DOES play a role in this site also....who do you think pays for it. Advertisers....and trust me, they want to...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    This camera is a bit of a swan song for Nikon. It could be the last top-of-the-line DSLR for them. I don't believe we will see another high end Nikon with a mirror when this camera's lifespan is...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    You're both wrong. No one will be using a mirrored camera or mirrorless in ten years. Cameras as we know them are a dying breed. The idea that we will be carrying a 1-2 pound device to "take...

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