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  • More than likely the Full frame stuff , the S5 seems to have been a hit for them.
  • If you find one, go to the Spanner menu , then down to "Version Display" - it ought to give you the Firmware version for the body and lens . I`d have the firmware for the lens in an SD card loaded ...
  • it`s never more cost effective to swap a lens than to re-flash the firmware , even if it has to be done via a service dock ,.. I can`t believe there is so much hassle getting this sorted, Olympus ...
  • Try a Panasonic camera if you know anyone or a shop with one
  • Wondering if he can re-flash his on a borrowed panasonic body ? depending on how bricked it is ........... that Olympus Bloatware (you have to load the whole package to do it thesedays)  has given ...
  • Replied in GH6 sensor
    This is DP review , it  always has been extremely aggressive/defensive . if you are sensitive, you have to be very careful what you post here as some people see camera gear like their "family"  ...
  • Replied in GH6 sensor
    I doubt Panasonic actively hates PDAF pixels, It`s probably typical Japanese camera maker pride in not admitting they`re wrong or that another way is better - It`s been there all over the place in ...
  • Nice to see that the cosmetic designer of the Samsung NV10 finally got a job styling cameras again ......... ;) the NV10 always was one of the cooler looking compacts

  • The Quality of that lens is superb too and I believe the reason for the crazy price of the camera (the rest of it is nothing to write home about) . it`s almost like a bag of primes up to about a ...
  • Dump the Z6-II and Z50 and get a Z7-II - the Z7-II includes a better Z50 as its 20Mp in crop mode but has IBIS, better AF and all the other Z7-II stuff .. Plus you get all the low light performance ...
  • I said DX and FX ............. there are loads combined from not only Nikon but 3rd parties too inc DX fast zooms from Sigma and Tamron, I seem to remember the Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS being rather good...

  • Just my take but who on earth would buy the XT30 thesedays with the XS10 at the price it is ? .

    The ZFC looks lovely - looks far nicer than the built down to a price XT30 with its horrible...

  • .......If Olympus produce a camera at all given that they`ve sold off that division. As for OMDS, the Wow will be staying in business long enough to generate enough money to design and produce a ...
  • ""Inexpensive"" Good grief you must have some serious disposable income to think £1100 is loose change ! ....... should damn well hope it turns out decent images ..

    As for the gallery, wouldn`t it...

  • I shot RAW  (developed in capture one which doesn`t do hidden NR so pulls the most) + JPG and both F2.8 and F4 I doubt it`ll fix the horrendous blurry edges , especially the right edge . the centre ...
  • The A1 sensor is 50Mp , 45mp = D850/Z7/II/ PanS1R , maybe a second gen version with all the speed related trimmings and a boost in efficiency (= lower noise and more DR)
  • Mirrorless answer to a D900 and D7 rolled into one ??? ... Could be the mirrorless cam finally to replace the D850 as a general professional work tool - for me at least. Just hope the AF is up to it..
  • I hope its better than the TZ100 I bought and just sent back - My gallery shot JPG and RAW I REALLY hope it was a friday nighter ...
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