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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (200 comments in total)

Selfie: Of self, for self.

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On article Google Pixel XL camera review (199 comments in total)
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NJOceanView: I'm getting to this review late, but I have to say I'm very impressed. I prefer the Apple interface but if I were a Droid user this would be my choice hands down. Most impressive to me is the IQ at higher ISOs. On my 7 Plus when I force up the ISOs I get that mottled batik look when pixel peeping. That dynamic doesn't show at all on the Pixel, and the noise from the Pixel's high ISOs presents itself as a very pleasing super-fine grain. Apple tends to do what it wants without regards to the competition other than offering large screen Plus models, so I can't expect them to answer this with comparable improvements. But I hope they use this to spur at least some higher level of IQ for their future offerings.

Wilful B.S

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photogeek: I find it kind of interesting that Mr Adams is not in any way famous outside the US. That's in a stark contrast (please pardon the pun) to e.g. Henri Cartier Bresson, who is famous worldwide, and deservedly so. I'm not a fan of Adams' work myself. It's good, don't get me wrong, but the amount of praise lavished upon this photographer is entirely too much.

Ansel owned his art - you've only managed to own your ignorance.

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On article Google publishes gallery from upcoming Pixel smartphone (158 comments in total)
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lukecookphoto: The problem I have with phones is that above base ISO the amount of detail quickly melts away and they use poor quality plastic lenses. You can see it here just like every other phone.

Biggest hurdle for me is I don't like the shooting experience. I have an S7 Edge which is as good as the Pixel or better but using just a touchscreen is frustrating and not gratifying.

Still, they're useful for taking quick photos of my dog.

Who is suggesting you use a phone for situations where those issues become problematic? Put in historical context the photgraphic and video capabilities of a contemporary smartphone are nothing short of amazing. That said - I'd use your DSLR to photograph your dog and your imagination when your out and about with your phone.

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)
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marike6: Removing the mini-jack feels like fixing something that isn't broken. But iFans are fiercely loyal, if Apple removed the LCD, defenders would say "but they are including a Lightning-to-HDMI cable in the box you can plug into your laptop should you need to". ;-)

For people who enjoy shooting with their phones, the camera could be interesting.

Five bucks says the iPhone 8 has a headphone jack..:)

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)
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mezastel: I'm still wondering why Apple decided to buy Beats, headphones so awful no self-respecting music lover would ever consider buying. It totally tarnishes Apple's image to be involved with Beats.

I don't think Beats would have been bought on Jobs watch. I think Apple got hustled by two of the best. Plain and simple.

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: why would you repeat the nonsense from apple that this is a tele lens ? , it is in fact a normal lens if its 56mm equiv is to be believed

you are a camera review site and as such have readers who understand that this does not even qualify as a short tele .... i will repeat its a normal equivalency

now dp review , why dont you recover your self respect and correct the errors in the above article to reflect the realities of fovs as intelligent people understand them

a measure of honesty would have you state that in addition to apples wide angle they have a nifty fifty normalish lens along side

im waiting ......tic tock tic tock

if they had any brains at apple they could have put a tiny 105 equiv or even 85 and had a fov to actually compliment the incredibly boring focal length apples phones use

whan a river of garbage photos has been spawned since phones replaces cameras for the unwashed masses......looks like some things will never change

Wow. No life huh?

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: more specifically and truthfully a telephoto lens must have a telephoto group in it as part of the optical formula .... or it simply aint a tele, literary and figuratively .... ill bet apples to oranges this measly short lens the 56 , has no such thing ... no tele group , and as such is only a very slightly long normal , if im being kind.


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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: it t is my fervent hope that the removal of a normal audio jack , bites them in the ass and that very few i phone user migrate to this abomination

apple has gotten away with no sd card support and no usb support because frankly
the religiously faithful accept what they are given ,

as someone born a roman catholic ...ive seen the glassy eyed bliss of the faces of some of the simple minded as they consume transmuted human flesh in the form of a nutritionally worthless wafer the texture of a packing peanut

so nothing suprises me .... but if i ever prayed , i pray that the removal of a normal audio jack , causes as or more damage to apple as the spectacularly pointless and worth less apple watch .. i hope their stock tanks ... i hope they are shamed into an about face

lord i pray.....amen

I'm at a loss to see the logic behind the headphone jack omission, however most "expensive" headphones come with a 6.5 adaptor. Instead of that you just use the lightning to 3.5 adaptor. Not ideal but hardly difficult.

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Shifter: ZZZZZZZ. ZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZ. It's called Photoshop, Ansel lovers.

Well, no prizes for being an ignorant douche nozzle pal.

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On article SmugMug Films: Passport to Morocco (47 comments in total)
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Marcus Beard: I read the comments here with interest. I'm not a big fan of Trey's photography - but one has to admire how he has marketed what he does so successfully. Any yes - it is becoming a little tiresome to here repeated faux philosophy. I'd recommend seeing the truly amazing National Geographic photographers Proof videos though - a different league.

Cheers for the link. Great stuff.

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babart: I'm afraid I'll have to go with the nay-sayers on this device. The iPhone may be a thin and convenient way to acquire visual images, but there are many cameras that are also small and have so much more potential as image recording devices. If it weren't for the necessity of also being a phone, I suspect some manufacturer would already have a camera close to being this thin. Smart phones are very useful devices, but so are smallish cameras.

But there aren't many cameras with the integrated connectivity and editing capabilities of a smartphone. The fact is that smartphone capabilities are - given their form factor - astonishing, and they'll keep getting better.

Link | Posted on Apr 28, 2016 at 10:21 UTC
On article Fujifilm X100T Review (697 comments in total)
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ms18: 16MP beginning to look low by contemporary standards.. 12MP more than enough

I remember using a friends big Canon DSLR a decade ago. Those shots still look great. It was 6 megapixels.

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maxnimo: Yup, this proves that there must be a God's 11th commandment that states "Thou Must Only Use Tiny Sensors In Tough Cameras".

"BigShooter, saying that you get excellent results from a teeny tiny sensor is like me saying I get excellent mileage from a 1955 pickup truck with a leaky gas tank." No it isn't. It's nothing like that analogy . If you can't get a decent shot with a small sensor then chances are all you'll get from a bigger señor is an average photo with better resolution - or pristinely rendered crap.

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This is embarrassing. Sales guys like these are just the worst. Usually found in car yards.

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On article A Compact PEN: Olympus Stylus SH-2 Hands-on (150 comments in total)
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lem12: A very nice camera body and I believe a lot of effort put into it to create such device. But all this around 1/2.3??
One of my friends ask me to suggest a camera when he travels, something he would slide into his pocket and forget about it until needed. I showed him few slim/compact cameras. About a couple of month ago he told me that he found exactly what he was looking for. He bought a new iPhone, and why to spend all this money to buy another camera and have another pocket for it.

So true..:) He could take an RX100 of course but - it's still another separate device. The other factor iPhones or many smartphones don't get enough credit for is the interface. Simple - intuitive with almost no learning curve and in terms of the quick snap my iPhone can resolve a lot of tricky lighting and colour situations better than many cameras I've owned. They get flamed here where people are focused on what they aren't instead of what they are which is brilliant pieces of engineering. I love my dslr of course but you gotta give credit where it's due.

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In the music biz it's called a sound alike where the licensee will pay for publishing [songwriting] but doesn't want to pay for use of the original recording master so they get it replayed to sound exactly like it. Got away with it for a while but they get sued for that now.

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Ok so the reason I love my phone camera…is cause it's IN MY PHONE!?!? …:)

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