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mholdef: I think Canon has just been eclipsed here...suppose DSLR video had its time...

Its awful they 'ripped off' the Alexa design? Sony asked our thoughts on design when creating this camera. And unsurprisingly a lot of operators & DPs essentially said, can you make it like the Alexa please. Because Alexa is one of the most enjoyable cameras out there to use. So rather than saying it's 'awful' and they 'ripped off' the Alexa, surely we should be happy there's another camera coming out, designed properly and with the operator in mind, in addition to the people that want 4k at 240fps with 16bit colour depth and global shutter. It is important that a camera is useable as well as producing nice images with lots of information.

With regards to cost, does it really matter what the number is until it's actually available to buy does it? I wouldn't be surprised if Sony were biding their time a little to see how competitors react to the cameras (RED halving the price of most of their brains for example!?)

An exciting push for what was becoming a stagnant market in my opinion.

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