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  • I do not know, if the TO intended to compare equivalency. However in my opinion it is legitim to compare a 400mm F/4.5 with a 300mm F/4, independing, for which sensor size it is constracted. The ...
  • In the end I did not buy those lenses. The second hand 35-100 + MMF-3 was sold directly in the shop, even before the online auction ended. The price they have gotten was only CHF 790.- (7.7% VAT ...
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  • E-m1 ii/ii with 60fps means AF and AE are locked on the first shot. I assume, the aperture won't open/close after each shot. ...
  • Thank you. That's good to hear, but I wonder, did you test the focus adjustment of the OM-1 with an FT-lens? I haven't received the OM-1 yet. However Reinhard Wagner owner from ...
  • I have repeated the test today: With the 150/2.0 adapted to my E-M1 Mark II the focus adjustment had alsways an effect. No difference between the modes [S-AF] and [C-AF]. ...
  • I have to correct myself: I repeated the test today with the 150/2.0 and the 40-150/2.8 If the FT-Lens was used with the E-M1 Mark II the focus adjustment had always an effect! It didn't matter if ...
  • Peter, you were right. In the case of focus adjustment with the setting "lens data" the focus adjustment has an effect, even if the mode [S-AF] is used. As already confirmed last time, if the ...
  • the chart is shown at approx. 31:00 minutes
  • Interesting :-O I assume, the E-M1 Mark II and the Mark III should use the same proceeding. Did you test with lens data or default data? The target you focus should be flat and not inclined. In my ...
  • the test was done with default data (in the german manual called „standard testing“. I would be surprised, if it makes a difference, if „Lens Data“ is used.
  • Are you really sure about this statement?
  • Peter, I just made some tests with my E-M1 Mark II and the 150/2.0. To minimise my efforts, I have taken 3 shots with the standard setting on +20, 3 pics with the standard setting 0, and 3 pics ...
  • If an mFT Lens is adapted, in [S-AF] mode the function "AF Adjust" has no effect .
  • I do not know, what kind of AF the cameras use. But the manual mentions, af adjustment has no effect, if S-AF is used.
  • I agree, if you mean S-AF! However, there is not any mFT-camera from Olympus, supporting AF-adjustment with S-AF (the OM-1 is not an exception).
  • Of course I'm also not happy, that OMDS has reduced this function that heavily. I'm affraid, there aren't enough user with FT-Lenses, asking for a FW-Update. But lets speak about the praxis first: ...
  • As I have understood the PL 200/2.8 supports sequental shooting Mode SH2 (including AF and AE on each frame). SH1 does focus and exposure only on the first frame.
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    Thank you
  • Thank you for the time, you are investigating in this topic. I highly appreciate it. Was is intended to use such a short exposure time of 1/5000 only? With the A1 the ISO-setting was 4000, compard ...
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