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jcburke: Anybody who needs GPS data for all pictures should just cut back on the drug prescriptions so they can recall where the heck they were when they pressed the shutter. I mean, really, go buy a point-and-shoot camera with GPS instead; the rest of us know where we were and what we shot.
I may make an exception for National Geographic photogs (who wouldn't be buying this camera anyway for other reasons), but otherwise GPS is a crutch for amateurs and has nothing to do with core imagery and creative photography. If it is your discerning feature between two cameras, then you are not a photographer, you're a map freak.

Perhaps it was made by a luddite like myself who doesn't understand the reason for GPS OR for articulated screens (it just looks like something to break and replace later, kind of like power windows).

I can admit I don't know exactly WHERE many of my pictures were taken. I can usually tell you the county and state (I no longer travel internationally), but that's as good as I can get.

I don't care for some reason about exactly where within a city block - it's more of a "somewhere around there" to me. I'm more interested in the composition of the image, the light, etc.

What I have discovered is that behind the camera I am not "experiencing" what I'm filming - I get to experience it later (which is a serious disconnect regarding my son's football games). Kind of frustrating.

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I actually realized that since getting a DSLR my picture quality (I guess I should say #of good images per "trip) has gone DOWN. When I shot SLR every image counted because film was expensive, processing was expensive... with digital you kind of have to worry about shutter clicks - only 150,000 in my current camera, and maybe storage space, but even storage space is getting really inexpensive.

Part of it is just the convenience, at least it felt that way until I started shooting bigger events, capturing "EVERY possible moment" and coming away with 500+ images to go through, and finding ones where it was ME that was the problem - I was rushing.

Though you can't use this approach when you're dealing with wildlife, children, early/late light, there are a lot of times when it CAN be used, and maybe it could be that slowing down, even in the times when I don't think there's time, can still have benefit. :)

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Maybe Canon isn't as slow to react, but instead plays their cards closer to their chest.

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