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Vibrio: sweet a apoint and click interchangeable lens camera.

will probably sell well

I am one of the idiots. Good design, latest tech, lenses in proportion to body size. better sensor. Travel light, it is freedom.

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pjsalty: What is the function of the projector? To project images onto a wall or screen?

Is anyone really going to blow a bunch of cash on accessories for a camera with a 1" sensor? I'll be very interested to hear what the iq is before I leave my m4/3 cameras.

The others use lenses that are disproportionately large for the body

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vFunct: Wow these are very interesting... really shows the potential of the new format.

The potential to take a good picture no matter where you go.

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blofelder: These cameras scream CONSUMER. Pathetic user interface, no control wheels for aperture and shutter speed? No P/A/S/M -wheel? Bye bye manual controls. Design is quite box-like, which I personally find ugly. Even the typography engraved on the lenses looks cheap and dated.

I was hoping that they would get the video features right with these, because the sensor size is awfully close to super 16mm… Unfortunately no.

Full manual controls during video, if they even exist, are probably buried deep into menus. No 24 & 25 fps? No 50 & 60 progressive fps?

Those ridiculously fast sub-VGA resolution high speed videos are silly little gimmicks. And wrong aspect ratio too.

How about a moderate 120 frames per second with 720p resolution? Expeed 3 processor could handle that with a reasonable bitrate?

Nikon - The One to Fail.

We are all consumers. Ease of use is a good thing. This is now the phone cam generation. They want to take it with them everywhere they go but get better photos. Very daring effort tho.

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role_of_72: For me the design looks like Nikon was in a hurry and they released a prototype/development phase camera. This (body) design simply cannot be a finished one..

Disagree. Design is excellent.

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So far so good. Just what I want. Has a lot of the latest tech and a size weight vs IQ ratio that makes sense. Lens size nicely in proportion with body size. True size and weight advantages.
The real serious camera folks won't buy one. Adventurous folks will because the phone cam has revealed to them how great it is to travel light.
The tripod guys will never buy one but they never get far enough from the SUV to take a unique photo. The snarky ones will always need to display their beige Canon lenses, while the great fun is being had outside the envelope.
Maybe I will get a red one.
Hope it succeeds but who knows. Besides we don't want the back country to get too crowded

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I had the use of a Fuji XP20 (no GPS). I never used a small P&S before. The low IQ, was obvious. I could see that the concept could be a lot of fun if it worked better. Also, we were always in extremely bright sunny conditions on the beach, sailing, snorkeling, surf, shelling, kayaking etc. Sounds like the perfect environment for this camera BUT the screen was totally washed out by the sun and glare so it was pure guesswork. To DP-Are all of these cameras almost useless in precisely the bright outdoor environment for which one would expect them to be designed??

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