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  • If price is a key factor; I have no idea about how good it ...
  • I have several Samsung. Two tablets and a phone. What I like about Samsung is that when you upgrade the re-installation of apps is almost automatic. If there is a downside it is that they don't ...
  • Replied in Caller ID app?
    I use HiYa. I am far from sure I'd go out and recommend it. But I have not abandonned it either. So why am I posting????? Just wanted a chat!! And maybe some better ideas.
  • If anyone wants to consider a phone as a camera I can report that the Samsung S8 produces RAW as well as jpg. Tony
  • I use PowerAmp, the paid for version. It can use playlists or just simply folders. It displays cover art if it is there or it can download it whilst you are playing. There are masses of extra ...
  • Watched the suggested clip yesterday and then spent an enjoyable hour looking at a few of the others on YouTube. The odd little gem of wisdom there. A fun interview with Andrew Graham-Dixon in an ...
  • I did Tony. Have you got time to write a precis if what you are saying is important to us DPR folk. Tony G - London
  • So you keep the camera you have! The FlashAir works a different way to EyeFi. EyeFi was downloading files. FlashAir is making your PC or tablet a browser that looks at the embedded jpgs. That means ...
  • Have you tried the Toshiba FlashAir? I used EyeFi and these FlashAir cards are in a different league. The newest incarnation, version 4, even more useable. Tony London UK
  • Making it more expensive than PIA at 2.75 USD pm. I tried NordVPN and it would not work on my Nvdia Shield in the UK. PIA does. Tony
  • Strange! Your quote and response seem to be about a post from thinkinginimages above, but it ended up in the thread as a reply to bobn2 . Thanks for that. Would you like to put it in the right ...
  • We managed to do it in film days with some truly ungainly cameras. Try grabbing a press camera and holding that beast. Or an RB67, a Hasselblad, a Rollei TLR. 35mm SLR's were no better even at eye ...
  • Many people seem to prefer that arms-length style of viewfinder, enough so that you see plenty of people using them even when their camera has an eye-level viewfinder. Yes. But how many people have ...
  • I normally turn off out-bound email scanning, it just causes too many problems. Can you do that with Windows Defender? So I read your reply as a NO. Thanks Simon, Tony
  • I normally turn off out-bound email scanning, it just causes too many problems. Can you do that with Windows Defender? Tony
  • Because it made my Thunderbird lag when writing a Sent message to my Inbox. Now it is not acting as a firewall the problem has gone away. Tony
  • As I see it the restore points are being created. It is more a matter of uninstalling Bitdefender when you want to go back to one. Not a big problem if you are lucky and don't have to do it often. ...
  • Ouch. Anyone else spotted that? Tony
  • Following from that Thunderbird working slow thread I decided to get rid of Windows Defender and move to Bitdefender. Not connecting the cause and cure I spent quite a lot of yesterday trying to ...
  • Replied in not here
    Mine is OK but whilst we have some Thunderbird chat running can anyone think why I create a lag sending a message and asking it to keep a copy in my Inbox. I can see it trying to go back to my ...
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