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  • Vernon, I bought the £19.95 deal. That is for one PC. For £11.95 I added my second PC. I seem to remember you could try it FOC ...
  • One week on I can report I am happy with GoodSync. To repeat I have three 6tb external drives. I have two PCs and two of those drives remain on those PCs. The third 6tb drive I regard as my working ...
  • Great. Why do you think the OVF is better than the Clearviewer? Tony
  • This 2015 thread was only revived because someone wanted to know about the Clearviewer. I pointed him to the right URL. Is nobody else interested in an alternative to the OVF? Tony
  • That's because he sells direct. There are so many variations needed to cover the different shapes and sizes of camera. It will transform your picture taking by reducing camera shake and also ...
  • Installed AquaMail this afternoon. Seems pretty good so far. What worried me about K9 is that nobody is supporting or developing it. Tony
  • Not hard to find with Google !! Tony
  • I used Juicebox for the top three folders on my site. I'm happy. They took about a quarter the time of Lightroom and Turning Gate. OK - they may be a bit crude but they do precisely what I want. ht ...
  • Thanks folk. I decided to re-load Nine and it is working well. There is a user group on Google Groups but, sadly, it is pretty moribund. I don't know where you'd turn to for help as the developer ...
  • GoodSync does that. I have, today, bought licences for my two machines. I got worried about FreeFileSync. Goodsync seems to have lots of ways of working - probably more than FFS. I am not sure I ...
  • Another one to look at then !! But thanks. I actually find the old version of FreeFileSync works well. But I also realise that if I hit a problem I won't get any help from the developer unless I ...
  • It was buying three 6tb external HDDs that transformed my work pattern so I could do so much more in the daylight of my flat - previously done in the studio which has no windows. Tony
  • OK Tom. I'll get Malwarebytes to release it. A bit later. Busy now. Tony
  • Followed by: Ignore the blue lines. Called up the wrong icon for snipping
  • And when I click on the .exe Tony
  • My Win 10 machine is not happy with that .exe Tony
  • Thanks Chris, I see what you are doing. I have masses of spare drives as I have just invested in 6tb externals. I was getting into so much of a muddle with images spread around several smaller drives.
  • I'll look again. My Malwarebytes actually cocooned the .exe when I tried to install. And the file came from the site that the utility directed me to. Version 9.9 or similar. EDIT. Malwarebytes ...
  • Chris, Can you spare me a moment to tell me how you use Windows File History? I'm presuming you use it to keep old versions of folders so you are protected against accidental deletions. Doesn't ...
  • Thanks again. I smell progress. I put a message on the Juicebox forum a short while ago and they pointed me to this gallery. I think I ...
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