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On article Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 Preview (216 comments in total)
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dark goob: Can we please stop referring to 135-format as "full-frame"? It's factually wrong because 135-format cameras are not always full-frame. It's actually a fact that the Nikon FX-format sensors are the only known cameras to support a crop-sensor mode. Not to mention the fact that Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds are both full-frame formats -- despite having a smaller sensor.

Quit using language wrongly!!!!

Dark Goob is correct. Terms like full frame, FLM, and crop factor were introduced to help users of the 35mm format understand how their lenses would perform on digital bodies that had smaller image areas (sensors).
If you really want to go to the origins, the term Full Frame goes back to the movie industry, where it referred to using the full gate of the film. While it was 35mm film, it was 4/3 because the film travels vertically through the gate, not horizontally. As a result, the actual image was about 18x24mm, not 24x36.
In photography, the term full frame originally meant that the image circle of the lens(es) covered the entire frame, but did not exceed it. In this sense, 35mm and 4/3 are both full frame, APS-C is not. The same can be found in "medium" format cameras where image sensors are often smaller than the image circle of the lens and thus not "full frame."

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DioCanon: f6.3!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank god I've got my Canon fast lenses f1.2 and 2.8!

Quite frankly, that is a silly response. There are mirrored lenses for your Canon, just as there are fast lenses for m4/3.

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If one were unknowledgeable about the subject and read this article, one would come away with the impression that Olympus had just released its first mirrorless camera, instead of being one of the pioneers of this genre with arguably the largest and most interesting collection of native lenses available. Of course, how could a small company like Olympus pose a threat to Canon and Nikon like the behemoths of Sony and Panasonic? ;-)

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On article Olympus launches VF-3 and announces E-PL3 US pricing (55 comments in total)
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Greg Gebhardt: Dissapointing! When are they going to realize that we want the EVF to be contained inside the camera. Do not want that big HONKER attachement. The camera would only have to grow a little and you could have the EVF there all the time.

Respectfully, I am not a member of your "we." I have been using the E-P1 since it came out without an EVF and have never missed a shot because I didn't have one.
I like the idea of it as an accessory, although I do confess that I wish it didn't usurp the flash shoe.

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