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SpencerSL: Are the sidewalks on private property or public? If private, then they have the right to dictate what happens on it. If public, then they shouldn't have that right. But it's America after all, and in America, the private interests of the super rich will always win.

The land could be owned by the HOA but they are required to allow public access. Just depends on what fine print is in the agreements when the HOA was set up. In my neighborhood I own the land the sidewalk is on but there is a public easement that restricts my use of the space and allows others to freely use them for transit. I think the no blocking is a fair compromise, allow photography but not have them block free movement on the walks.

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Cosina could stop production and the lenses will still be available new for a while. Zeiss is probably not happy about the announcement and it apparently has been pulled. I am sure Sony is still not making RX100 bodies but you can still buy them new, with the RX100V now out. Zeiss will sell the lenses until they run out, then there will be plenty on the used market, fans will not be denied for a good while. With the new lens lines Zeiss has been developing recently, Milvus, Otus, plus the Sony focused ones, no need to keep the classics going forever as new stock.

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unimo3360: is this tech on digital cameras already?

You can certainly get 4K-10bit on consumer cameras, as well as on more professional cameras. I have not seen an 8K video camera at the consumer level, other than doing a stills image based movie on something like the Sony A7RIII.

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davids8560: Great! A whole new slew of narrow, vertical photos and videos on social media and the worldwide web!

Vertical oriented videos should be avoided but the Apple 4:3 ratio is not bad for portraits. The classic frame in the US is 8 x 10 inches or a 1:1.25 Ratio, 4:3 is 1:1.333 so not far off. A wider (or shorter) ratio has the advantage of using a higher percentage of the image circle than a wider (or taller) ratio. So you get a bit more image for your lens and sensor dollar. The normal 3:2 ratio of 35mm still film is better for landscape but I like 8 x 10 better for portraits.

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visualenvy: I always rolled my eyes when a new camera gets announced and people claim "final nail in the coffin for .... " but I'm about to join them :(

Coming from an old Nikon D700 and D5200 with limited lenses (sold it all off) I will finally make the move and watch Sigma release FE lenses for this beast.

Whatever Nikon releases to replace the D810 I don't care any more. Nikon lenses out of stock and super expensive.. why is 300mm F4 $2000!!!???

bye bye Nikon.. it was a blast and I will keep some of your kit for nostalgia but you just closed your eyes and stuck your head in the sand while Sony actively went for your spot and you let them take it.

Jumping to Sony you will escape the expensive lenses of Nikon, but gain the expensive lenses of Sony. The last few years have seen the introduction of better lenses by all the manufactueres, but not for less money.

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Hinder: Does this mean Sony fans will quit whining about no 4K in the Canons I use? I guess I have ammo to argue back now. Ha Ha, you're stupid Sony doesn't have 8K!

The Sony 42 MP imager will do 8k stills, and very slow frame rate video, at least for a few frames. A few years more advancement in read out speed and 8K will be in consumer cameras.

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WillWeaverRVA: Can that electronic ND filter be adjusted manually?

I think some of the adapters are being designed with electronic ND, but in that case you can just slide the filter pack out when not needed. Built in a acamera you need room to move them out of the optical path when not needed. Possible with a 1-inch sensor tough with FF

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WillWeaverRVA: Can that electronic ND filter be adjusted manually?

Yes, it has manual settings for clear (filter removed) and several common levels of ND. You can also manually set the level to anything in the range or let it run in auto mode.

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I do not remember the name of my first camera, although I remember it had a fixed shutter speed and no focus. I think it was some sort of roll film, but do not remember exactly. Certainly all plastic. My first decent camera is also of a forgotten name and used a 126 film cartridge, fixed lens but it did have manual focus, aperture and shutter speed. It was stolen on a skiing trip and replaced with a Minolta MD5, which was an interchangeable lens camera, it got damaged while climbing (whacked by an ice-axe) and was replaced by a Minolta X700. My back-up camera from that era, a Minolta SRT201, is still in use.

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If the trade was a Thunderbolt 3 port or a SD card, I would certainly take the extra TB3 port. At work my SD card slot has never been used, at home I do use it quite a lot but I had no issues using an external card reader with previous computers that did not have card readers built in.At work I have a Firewire 800 CF card reader connected via a Firewire to TB port adaptor. At some point USB-C port to SD car readers will be numerous and cheap and this will be less of an issue. Apple does tend to change ports slightly before the market as a whole is ready, a pain for Apple users but a boon to the industry as a whole as it drives the component makers to start offering devices with new connection technologies. Apple's new ports are not proprietary and it would be good to see many more computer makers adopt them.

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Angrymagpie: Need an adapter for the SD-card reader
Need an adapter for my iPhone
Need an adapter for my thunderbolt photo editing drive
Need an adapter for my USB-3 backup drives

I fully expect Apple to have a lighting cable that will hook in directly to the Mac. The other devises should also just need new cables, unless they have non-removable ones. Now granted after spending a lot on a new Mac Book spending even more on new cables (or adapters) is not ideal but still a small fraction of the price of the computer itself. If you have followed Apple for any length of time you know they have been trying for many years to have a "one cable does it all" solution, perhaps they have finally reached nirvana.

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Took out my new iPhone 7 plus. Was expecting a cloudy day and got a bit of rain. Did a bunch of shots, iPhone at 1 and 2X then with my Sony A77 at 18mm, 37mm and 105mm of the same scene. I have not gone threw in detail yet, the A77 was better, but at web size not a huge difference. See Flickr for today, Oct 1, shots.
Did get a little heavy rain, other than phones finger print reader not working the phone did very well while dripping water. I had the A77 camera pointing down to protect the lens, which was not water resistant, so only could use the phone during the down pour.

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Aroart: I would really like to know who was the genius that came up with the term global shutter when it was invented.. I know what it does but why did they use a term like global ... Same with the term mirrorless .. Why are they calling it what it doesn't have.. Oh one more nag I was flying the thing they call drones 6yrs ago when they called them multicopters and you had to build them your self or have a pro build them...

For Blu-ray they also changed the frequency of the laser being used from Red to Blue (actually violet), thus some justification for the name. Plus they required a new type of player. I think calling it Blu-ray is better than DVD Pro or some such name.

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webrunner5: Trouble is it will cost 8k to buy 8k!

Depends on when you buy. Now 8K is a lot more than $8K, 4K can be more or less than $4K depending on size or tech, LCD vs OLED, 42-inch 90-inch etc.

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agentul: by why?

how many Ks do you need to watch anime and batsu games?

8 K is the similar to the still image output of the Sony 7Rmii in 16:9 mode. Overkill for a 42-inch set 12 feet away from you but not for large immersive screens. Broadcast even in 4K is a long time away in the US let alone 8K.

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Eleson: Anyone else than me that is a bit surprised with the flange diameter?
(I hesitate to use the word disappointed as I'm not even close to being in the market for this one.)
But it seems to be designed around the sensor size, which leaves no or very little room for a camera with a larger sensor at a later stage.
To me, it seems a bit shortsighted from an MF manufacturer.

Sounds like, from the report, that building a mount and lenses to cover the full 4.5 x 6 image circle made the camera too big. Eventually they will make a mirrorless for the bigger sensors, but it will require a new set of lenses or a mount that can take the old lens line-up directly. Makes some sense sell small sensor MF with small lenses for small money (comparatively) and the medium sensor MF for large money. To me large MF would be the classic 6 x 6 and 6 x 7 formats, which are not even on the horizon yet.

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PhotoKhan: ...Yes, but does it do Macro?

I have a 1000mm, I stick my entire stack of extension tubes on it to get it to focus at 30 ft. A bit short of macro, good for head shots.

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jon404: Money aside, and looking at the other side of this, why not a fixed-lens full frame, like the Sony or Leica Q, and then crop to get that extreme telephoto effect?

Sony RX1mii, 42 Mp with 35mm lens, crop to 70mm and you have 10.5 MP, Ok for most uses, crop to 140mm now you are down to 2.6 MP, ok for web pages and small prints, go to 280mm you are down to 0.66 MP, Ok for small web images, maybe a 4x6 print, at 600mm you are at 0.149 MP good for thumbnails. In most cases on a hike you do not need 600mm, unless doing a lot of wildlife shooting but you can crop a 35mm or 28mm image only so far and still have a usable image.

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Smitty1: I would really like to see a 24-85mm (equiv) pocketable, fixed lens compact with an APS-C sized sensor and optional EVF.

Looking at the example photos, the 1" sensor just doesn't resolve enough detail imo.. APS-C is closer to a goldilocks sized sensor for a compact.

Closets thing right now is the Sony A6000 or A6300 with the kit 16-50mm collapsible lens (24 to 75mm). Big pocket pocketable, not for jeans.

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dahod: Sony must have their rational for compromising the RAW files on their Pro camera. While some have minimized the potential effects, the end result is that they are compromised.

While we never can be sure, can anyone speak to legitimate reasons that would possibly drive Sony in this direction, particularly in this age of large files?

Reply to Azimuth46, The 42 MP sensor has little to do with still photography it is the heart of a future 8k camcorder. I think you will see this sensor a lot in the future in various incarnations. If only still was important, Sony would have gone to 54 MP not 42.

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