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  • Ok, but then, as an expert, what do you think the real pros do with the the 90% remaining photos, which are not so good? They delete them from the computer. So any way you want it, the rejected ...
  • After looking at your so called "review" and conclusions, I totally agree to your last statement "The Olympus OM-D M5 m2 is a GREAT camera but is not for you" Indeed, the M5 is a great camera but ...
  • Being a pro photographer, depending on the assignment for clients, 100% of my photos leave my computer either into online photo galleries for viewing or purchasing, printing, photo books and ...
  • Stupid comment. You don’t know me and you don’t know what I do and yet you know that I took the wrong decision? BS. Another BS. It all de pends what you shoot. For some jobs a dslt may perform ...
  • All the others are zoom lenses. Moti
  • I already switched to mirrorless some years ago. I switched because for me, a camera is a working tool and for what I'm doing a mirrorless camera suites perfectly my needs. I couldn't care less ...
  • Very clever, and at the same time it cuts the potential revenue out of your artwork into a fraction.
  • to hang on walls, to produce artwork, to put up exhibitions, to sell to others, for a start. You may not do these things but at least now you know why others do them. Moti
  • For high contrast landscapes, my favorite paper is Canson Barita. For soft and dreamy landscapes, Epson Archival matte paper is king. Moti
  • Just a tool, like a screwdriver. Moti
  • This is why I manipulate images: Before and after Water music The see is in Israel,  the boat is in Holland The thunderstorm is in the studio. Moti
  • Utter nonsense. The OP did not sign a contract with the client, which is a stupid and non professional thing to do. Without one there is nothing he  an do except take off his portfolio and apologise ...
  • Utter nonsense. Rather primitive I'd say. For me #4 will be: Unable of getting what is desired at the moment of exposure due to the limitation of the camera that is not capable of delivering. Moti
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    Dunno and it doesn't matter, I give up. You simply can't carry a decent conversation with stupidity and there is  nothing more stupid than ignorants rejecting things they doesn't understand much ...
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    Let's put it that way, I recognise the style :-D but let's make a deal. You go on trolling as much as you want and I promis that I'll never reply to any of your posts. How's that as a deal?
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    well it was you who complains that the costs are uneffordable. I justinrd you how I deal with that issue but seems you didn't understand, But I did. sorry, but when I said that I have better things ...
  • yes, and I was training the stuff that have to kick you out in these cases and and to make sure you take nothing with you. believe me I know what I'm talking about.
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    Thanks, that explains  :-D
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    I also pay for it but as the quality is so good, I sell my photos. This is the part you don't understand. I don't need access to your thoughts. from your reply I can see that you don't know much ...
  • how do you know? Have you been involved in an emergency evacuation case or you are just speculating. Believe me, in a real emergency evacuation you'll be $hitting in your pants so hard that the ...
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