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    My wife is one of those who uses mainly full auto + EC for her art photography and there are many more. Here is one example Wine tasting Moti
  • Replied in Modern Times
    I didn't say blindly trusting. I think that the only thing that a full auto shooter needs also to know is to use exposure compensation. A skilled photographer can easily get away with that. Can be ...
  • But this is very true. The biggest advantage of M4/3 is that is has a miraculous button at the top and when it is pressed, the camera can produce stunning image, if done by a skilled, talented and ...
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    I have to disagree. You keep drawing conclusions based on your own personal experience ignoring the fact that different people do different things and may have different set of skills ...
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    I'm not very sure of that. I have the impression that people these days print even more than before bur not so much on sheet paper as they do on digital albums and photo books. And when I see the ...
  • Every serious portrait photographer knows that the first thing to do is to choose the appropriate background and only then to introduce the subject. If done correctly, no PP is needed. Moti
  • I don't think so. I think that what keeps you from learning is mainly your negative attitude, your pretension to know everything the is to know, as you repeated several time while actually, you ...
  • As usual, beautiful and inspiring photographs. Thanks for sharing. Moti
  • I agree, this should be seen in a wider context but as the OP was ranting mainly on lack of camera technique, I have reacted that way. I probably didn't phrase it very clearly, I had to say that ...
  • No because as I've already said, there is much more in photography than just rechnical stuff. I know many photographers with a very limited technical knoledge but their photography is nothing less ...
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    You are right, I have posted the wrong version :-| Moti
  • I think that it is mainly you who insanity nitpick and not understanding. You seem to be confused and mixing things. First, it is not all about money because most of the photographer's are ...
  • Replied in Modern Times
    Your last phrase sums it all. Who sais they are not interested to achieve results? Of course they are, but maybe they can achieve them in a different way than yours. That is the part you fail to ...
  • Replied in Modern Times
    I agree that this statement is a bit to the extreme but I don't see anything wrong or depressing in people who do not want to be bothered with too much camera technical stuff for different ...
  • So this is what it is all about? about what is the primary and the secondary effect of an aperture? What a waste of acthread. Every photographer knows that the sole purpose of the aperture is to ...
  • Of course, because low light conditions usually have external lighting which allows them to shoot the famous oof light bulbs that may be considered as an art for itself. Something similar to ...
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    No, I guess he was suggesting that when it comes to close upmphotos like these, every camera can get this kind of results, or maybe n other words, as the Italians say, you don't need strong teeth ...
  • Good idea, pastèque it is :-D
  • Because they are different sizes and less names to temember for people with memory problems. Moti
  • Home printing is done to get qualities that a lab cannot provide , but if it is only a financial issue, then you shouldn't buy a camera either. You can always get excellent postcards when you ...
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