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  • Replied in Three reasons
    That shouldn't bother you. There are web browsers for IOS that support flash and let you easily upload photos to DPR using your iPad. I'm using Puffin brawser, details here: http://www.puffinbrowse ...
  • Did you even understand that you are just making a fool of yourself with all these half baked arguments that prove nothing? Did you even understand that what you do here is called trolling. Did you ...
  • Replied in Gees
    You are really making a fool out of yourself. FYI, Charles is a pro photographer so now you come and try to lecture him about the tools he needs? Isn't there a limit for Stupidity? Moti
  • Replied in Hey, Tommi...
    Greg, what makes you think that he is a pro? From what I reckon, he hardly knows anything about real world photography. For me he is just a little troll who is looking for attention. Moti
  • Replied in Okay
    So let's see those results. Would be interesting to see that you can also do and not only talk. That is simply not correct. A skilled photographer will always find the way to to workaround the ...
  • Actually it has a very impressive sequence speed, but you need to be a photographer to appreciate it. This is something that a gearhead would never understand. Moti
  • Replied in ...and...
    That may ba a matter of different production series. It happened to me on two bodies and Oly admitted on the phone that it is a known issue. Moti
  • Extra cards do not protect you against a card failure and images lost. This is exactly what a dual card feature is for. mMoti
  • I'm pretty much in the same boat as you and dual card alone would have been a good reason for me to purchase the camera. I also often shoot large groups and depending on the print size, I decide ...
  • Don't blame the tool, It is the photographer who should be blamed here. Knowing how to better use your camera and and how to take photos in such environment would have helped much more. Just ...
  • Replied in Not silly...
    That is not as silly as you thing because first, even if I will have an FAS, that doesn't mean that I will use it for speed because I still prefer a viewfinder for that. But although I never ...
  • Everything is built for speed, including FAS. You just have to learn and practice.
  • I don't know yet if I'm a FAS hater because I never worked with a camera that has one But I do plan to get the E-M1ll because it looks like such an amazing camera and it ticks the 3 main boxes in ...
  • I can't think of any consumer company who would go for such an adventure. Maybe Apla one day but then be ready to take a mortgage... Moti
  • Funny that you ask that because perspective is an integral part of any composition... Moti
  • Talk for yourself because many others see it as a blessing. I wouldn't go so far. Usability nightmare is usually the result of being too lazy to learn how to work with your tools. That is correct, ...
  • That is a matter of personal opinion. If the mk2 will help me to do things that were difficult or impossible with the mk1, then it is a very special camera for me. Moti
  • Replied in Definition 3
    The contrast that you can only get with a Micro Four Third Camera.
  • You're sure? And I thought that Micro Contrast is what you get with a Micro Four Third Camera. Moti
  • Indeed, an excellent preview by someone who doesn't only look at figures but also has a photographer spirit. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Moti
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