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Zoinks! I'm a RRS fan. I love the SLO area. And southern Utah is stunning. I'm not optimistic, however, that this is really going to be good news for RRS and it's customers in the long run. I pay $1,400 for a tripod, but they're moving to Utah to save a few bucks on rent? It sounds fishy to me.

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I did a Milky Way photo workshop at Santa Fe, about a year ago with a Sigma Art 20mm (on a 5DS-R) and just loved the lens. Mostly around F2-F2.5, 20 to 25 seconds, ISO 1600-2000, and on a Really Right Stuff tripod. I can't recommend it too strongly.

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Thank God for this article. Now I know exactly what camera to get, if I want a $5,000+ body and a single lens, but have no pre-existing equipment, in order to get the best jpeg's appearing in a Youtube video!!

; )

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Thanks. I've used an SL1 for a backup/pocket body for a few years. If there's a noticeable increase in sensor performance, I'll upgrade to the SL2.

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Sure, on it's face it sounds amazing, but who would really use a 400 f2.8? A professional sports or wildlife shooter? And would they use a medium format?

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Also, there's no talk yet of the A9 viewfinder. I prefer optical viewfinders to digital viewfinders. I would expect that this would be relevant to some others, as well.

And come to think of it, I also take some comfort in the, literally, decades that Canon and Nikon have been in (defined) the professional photography segment. I have a high level of confidence that they will still be major players 10 years from now.

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Thanks for this article. I enjoyed it.
I'm thinking of taking the plunge on an extravagant, foolish, hopelessly-romantic M10. This article helped.

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I've used both Windows and Mac over the decades and consider both to have pros and cons. i currently have mostly Mac and was planning on buying a new 5k iMac and MBP next year. This looks very interesting, and I would be very interested, assuming the hardware works out well. A critical factor, for me, will be how well Adobe adopts and integrates the new UI paradigms. This could be great, or it could be a big dud. Time will tell.

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I've had an M3 and the 22mm for a couple of months and have been pleased with it. I have a lot of Canon gear, and wanted a simple, pocketable utility camera that could use EF lenses in a pinch. This was to be a street/coat-pocket/briefcase camera for me. I prefer optical viewfinders, but couldn't swallow the size and expense of an X-Pro2 and a few lenses. For what I wanted, the M3 & 22mm is a peach. It's got a nice feel, and the image quality is better than I was expecting. I agree with the review, the AF is weak, but that's not something I need in this body.

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I've been wanting to try a Sigma Art, and 20mm works great for the stuff I do. I'm going to buy one of these once they are out.

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I ordered a 20. I'm heading to Europe in a week -- I hope it shows up in time. I like sling bags, and need to carry a 5d3 with a couple of lenses.

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I like the idea. More options/functionality is always better (for me, at least) than less. And I could see using the file system and networking extensions to link cameras to devices networked at home. The initial utility would relate to being better able to manage image files. Subsequent utility might be giving the photographer access to more cloud services from a camera. Sign me up.

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Do any vendors have this lens in stock yet? If not, does anyone know when it is supposed to be in stock?

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