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D5 26, A9 23, 1D 24. I think there were a few shots in the pack there were under/over exposed, as as as a few not on focus. I think the D5 came out of top for me due to more balanced exposure and warmer skin tones. I have no idea how others are getting such high numbers on the A9 etc. looking back over it now, it's blowing to many highlights for my liking.

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em jo photo: My scores:

Sony = 32; Canon = 22; Nikon =18.

Yikes, I'm a long-time Nikon shooter!

(. . . maybe not for much longer . . . . )

I also guessed which image came from which camera, before the answers. I picked the Nikon image correctly 12 of 12 times, but mixed up Sony and Canon 10 of 12 times!

My conclusions:

1) They're just JPEGs, and I shoot RAW most of the time. But JPEGs are useful, as are OEM RAW starting points.

2) After fifteen years of working with Nikon JPEGs and RAW files, I do actually seem to know what Nikon color science looks like. That's reassuring.

3) When presented side-by-side, I liked alternatives better in every case! Crap!

4) I've been harboring some unfair / undeserved ideas about both Sony *and* Canon JPEG color science. The A9 is far better than I'd thought; the 1Dx2 far worse. Where did these crap preconceptions come from? Hmm . . . .

5) Blind, comparative samples that empower my own judgment are incredibly useful--much more so than pundit impressions.

I'd be checking your monitor...... The D5 won out for me... 26v23 for the A9

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AndersSJ: This kind of ignorance makes me so depressed.

I deduce that the guy got a roasting recently after slicing a SLR, so he just made up a load of rubbish as a joke, you can see them trying not to laugh. Not helpful however as it just makes others Dumber.

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Yer, I concur the images are soft compared to other models, I think the AA filter is to strong. ironically even models like the D750 seem to be sharper (with AA filter), and even with the upscaling would perform similar. It's going to be interesting to see how it performs for long exposure noise. It looks pretty good noise wise in the studio scene, but the shutter times would be relatively short.

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matthew saville: YES, Sigma please give us a 14-24 f/2.8, NOT a 10-20mm f/4! (full-frame)

Although, personally as a lightweight traveler, I'd much rather see a ~16-18mm f/2 that accepts front filters, than a 14-24 2.8 if it's going to weigh anything like the Nikon or Tamron...

Yes, Please Sigma I am begging you, produce a 16mm prime at f2 or 16-24 or something in that range at f2. or 17mm at f1.8 :) (Full frame with filter support of course).

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JWest: These pictures really are amazing. But is it just me, or are there a lot of "jaggies" in some of them? It's especially noticeable on the hard lines of the shuttle - almost like the pictures have been aggressively compressed.

It all comes down the browser you are using, some browsers will do bi-linear rescaling, while others will only do N-neighbour down sizing etc. It's not a fault of the camera :)

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