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As a street/travel camera, i wish it had at least a 120fps video shooting mode. After being spoiled by slo-mo shooting on smartphones, there is no turning back... so many dynamic subjects become sopellbindingly gorgeous in slo-mo.

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geogan: I'm sceptical about this full frame "non-cropped" 4K mode. Anyone that knows about scaling knows unless you scale from a whole multiple 0.5, 2x then scaling produces all sorts of artifacts and aliasing which usually makes any image less sharp and more blurry, so this thing of the camera using 5k across and scaling it down to 4k has me worried.

Even on the GH4 which had the two options of recording 4K (cropped or not cropped with scaling) I have seen examples where the cropped 1-to-1 pixel readout produced the best, sharpest frame with no aliasing visible compared to the full frame scaled version.

Is there a crop option in 4K on the GH5 anyway now at all?, because this is STILL needed for example for more reach using long lens,...

Scaling quality highly depends on scaling method. Simplest (and fast) interpolation tecniques do produce rough edges and thus artifacts, while more advanced methods don't do that. What is there in GH5 we will see.
And 20% size reduction usually makes images somewhat sharper. Of course it would be better to reduce from 5.5 or 6k... and have a proper super-35-sized sensor. Yeah right.

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Why does Connect ignore the excellent camera performance of good old Chinese smartphones like Oppo Find 7a or OnePlus One?

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Where is this? Is it somewhere near Gateshead, Saltwell park maybe?
//Yet another great 800$ compact with no GPS module ))

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Where is this? Is it somewhere near Gateshead, Saltwell park maybe?
//Yet another great 800$ compact with no GPS module ))

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Tone curves are good, but why don't DPReview guys measure DR in RAW?

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Nice try, Sony ^)
Nice try.

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Road Lice: I am not so disturbed that Eric has bestowed new powers of surveillance upon Big Brother as I am by the fact that "The force of marketing is greater than the force of engineering". When shopping for cameras I dread having to sift through hectares of semi-dysfunctional cameras that are really misleading marketing trinkets designed to appeal to the unwashed masses. I would prefer the best engineering available in a camera.

I don't trust camera manufacturers and I suspect they conspire against everyday consumers and photography enthusiasts alike. I would like to know what the actual difference in manufacturing costs are between an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor and an 18 megapixel Full Frame sensor. Am I being denied an inexpensive Full Frame camera by the the forces of marketing?

For some reference, 1/4, 1/3.2'' 5MPix sensors are there on the market for about 7-8 USD unit price.

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ARTASHES: One thing is a bit strange to me why this 24 mp sensor has not 25k iso option ?
For a77 it could be comprehensible (SLT system less light etc.) but nex7 hasn't it either

Probably that's because if it had an ISO25000 option, it's NOISE level would not fit in DPReview's graph windows!

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