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akophoto: Load of c**p. Clear view for the camera for the entire process??

Never buried or in the middle of a pallet and great view throughout!

@akophoto, what an ignorant statement, you assume too much.
Forming a conclusion in contrast to what is presented based on personal opinion and not on fact is called ignorance. You have no idea how much footage was unusable/thrown out.

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GreenmanToo: Translation:
"We, here at iFixit, lack the specialist knowledge to easily replace the battery cheaply, using parts supplied by us. We therefore give the iPad mini a low rating because it cuts into our profit producing business"
Sealed battery devices have a reliability far greater than those with user replaceable batteries and in many cases have a far better battery life because the battery can be moulded to take advantage of all the space available. Other advantages include better resistance to moisture, lighter weight even with a larger battery and a more solid feel to the device without loose battery compartment doors which in turn promotes longer device life by eradicating broken components.
Also, Apple offer a battery replacement service which ensures that the old battery is responsibly recycled ie they don't just throw it in the bin like most repairers. Just had Apple replace the battery in my old 3GS - nearly four years old, for my granddaughter. No need to junk it.

Simple screws and rubber seals will accomplish the same thing, plus allowing USERS to decide how they want to handle the proprietary battery they extract.

Olympus OMD-EM5 glued together? NO. Great build quality and weather sealing? YES.

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mapgraphs: A bread slicer is an invention.

Sliced bread is a product.

“Sliced bread is better than unsliced bread” is marketing.

In 1903 Kodak sold the 9 ½” x 4 3/4 x 1 7/8” model 3A as a Folding Pocket Camera.

You forgot to mention that the RX100 is the Best Invention of 2012.

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xfoto: I don't care what it does...and I don't give a crap about tiny stuff you can barely hold to comfortably take a picture

But you care enough to comment, which of course means that you secretly desire it.
We all understand, after all it is the Best Invention of 2012.

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May as well make this the greatest invention of 2013 as well. Nothing is gonna top this.

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I demand that TIME magazine show us some pixel-peeping comparison tests as their supporting evidence. And whether they are reviewing the Made in Japan or the Made in China version.

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What a stupid mistake by TIME magazine. RX100 is obviously the BEST INVENTION EVER. Not just 2012. Even better than money, the wheel, fire, you name it.

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Sonylover1: Yes DP.
I had some thoughts why you didnt give the RX100 your Gold Award...

This camera is a huge leap in the world of photography. You missed it.

Then in return, I am very impressed with the guts and balls with Sonys R&D. They deserve credit for their pushing the limit attitude!

@Kirppu, since you obviously seem to know EVERYTHING about the physics+engineering of camera sensors and lens design, perhaps you could explain to us why it couldn't happen 5 years ago, instead of just a couple of years ago as you've stated, to clarify on your hypothesis that everyone has just been sitting around doing nothing until Sony did it this year.

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Shamael: this looks like a massacred NEX. Look how Sony manages to incorporate a 2.3 m dot OVF in it's body. This looks bulky and at the size it has, and the price, I will consider the NEX-6 rather than this.

I like this V2, but agree that for same price or less can get NEX6 or 5R in smaller package (w/ collapsible 16-50). NEX new AF performance remains to be seen.

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RichardAB: The ladies will love this camera as a fashion accessory.

@RichardAB, So you're saying you like it?

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Hello Smartphone S100! It does make calls, doesn't it?

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So is this supposed to be the Smartphone S100? Can I make calls, and skype from it?

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On article Just posted: Canon Powershot S110 hands-on preview (37 comments in total)

I have S90 and S110 is definitely not an upgrade option for me now that RX100 is here. Very disappointing. G15 neither because in that case I'd rather get a G2X but I don't know when that announcement will come.

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stanislaff: Way too disproportional dimensions/shapes.

stanislaff change is good. embrace change or go the way of the dinosaurs.

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Justin Francis: The small sensor really kills it. No doubt the image quality is good but then almost all cameras nowadays (including some smartphones) produce very good IQ. The key is DOF control. Even with fast primes, it would be a struggle. MFT just walks all over this system.

DOF is waste of time, casual shooters like me don't care about artsy crap, huge prints, and lenses. We just want best point and shoot we can get in small size to shoot kids and pets and vacation photos. This camera does it all and has THE fastest AF in good light of any non-slr, which is a million times more important than MFT sensor size and lenses. I am not even going to buy any lenses beyond kit lens.

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On article Images of Panasonic GF5 start to appear (118 comments in total)

The '5' looks photoshop'd to me. Has anyone else mentioned this?

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