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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2156 comments in total)

Unmissable information for video shooters on the 5DmkIV.

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On article DSCO by VSCO simplifies GIF-creation (17 comments in total)
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shleed: For hipsters, by hipsters.

Haha! You can always rely on DPR if you need a laugh. Is someone taking the PSCO? :D

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Photographers kid takes picture like every other 4 year old kid. No big deal, nothing special. Sadly, this says more about the Father for pushing it, and DPR for publishing it. Kinda sad reflection on both to be honest. :(

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Kabe Luna: Why in the world would I want to make full resolution images freely available to the public?

...because no-one would pay for them?

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You'd need to be completely clueless to waste your money on these. You can get equivalent or better looking presets for much, much cheaper elsewhere. I can't understand why DPR give these guys coverage whilst ignoring the better and cheaper presets from LR experts. Check out the Adobe LR exchange for more.

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On article VSCO Keys offers shortcut to Lightroom efficiencies (65 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: Why do DPReview even bother to mention this redundant software?

R Butler; Lots of our readers use Lightroom and it might be useful to them...
All the more strange then that you cover VSCO releases but ignore coverage of great LR plugins and presets from Photographers Toolbox, LR Plugins and the brilliant Skyline Media Presets
( ) as they are all much more useful, and affordable than the overpriced VSCO stuff. Really strange, eh! I wouldn't like to think there's favouritism or anti-competitive behaviour going on at DPR here.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

They're doomed Captain Mainwearing, they're doomed! ;-)

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2012 at 12:04 UTC as 150th comment

It will be interesting to see what happens. I love SFX Pro 2 but as a Lightroom User who needs quick conversions I've been using the excellent Skyline B+W Film presets. They are great when I don't have time to use SFX Pro 2, and great value for money at only £7.99. Richard Curtis at Adobe recently did a good feature on them.

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We're doomed...Captain Mainwearing, we're doomed! ;-)))

Lunar?- their heads are on the moon. Who's driving at Hasselblad?

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Fuji do a nice job making this body and the lenses look nice, but the changes are all cosmetic. :-( Battery life is still rubbish. Weighs a ton, Sensors are noisy even at lowish ISO's, costs a fortune... You'd need to be one wave short of a shipwreck to buy one of these, what with the advances Nikon and Sony are making with 35mm sensors. ;-)

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Al Digi: Great, another digital back made by Hassey that works with Phocus. European's must be psyched over this, but when are Phase and Hasselblad going to get over it and realize that 'the best high-end' working photographers are using Capture One? Using Phocus onset is like telling a client to email you at your aol account.
I've never had a body die on me because of weather (and I've used these bodies in snow, rain, and volcanic ash (no joke)), but emphasizing a more weather resistant body is a welcomed addition.

All the high end photographer's the agency I work for are using Adobe Lightroom. ;-)

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Superka: This is for studio, only. Nobody will take it to the mountains.
Hasselblad X5 cost 20K $. And you can buy lots of cameras for saved money: from Xpan to 617 panoramic.
My 617camera is 160Mpx equivalent and I can take it everywhere.

That weather proofing won't really matter when the batteries only last about 30 minutes. D800e - DSTE Grip - light, great resolution, really long battery life. The landscape shooter's dream combo. ;-)

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This guy seems quite pleased with the 24-85! ;)

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On article Landscape Photography Primer (97 comments in total)

One important thing you seem to have overlooked is that a successful landscape photograph should have a straight horizon. ;)

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On article Book Review: Linda McCartney, a Life in Photographs (25 comments in total)

Best veggy sausages I've ever tasted... ;-)

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