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On article Canon EOS R6 Mark II initial review (898 comments in total)
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armandino: something they should have addressed is that dinky little AF-on button. No need to make it fancy like the R3, but please, that is a pain to work with for hours!

I'd still prefer more photography-centric cameras

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2022 at 00:36 UTC
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sportyaccordy: By my count there are TWELVE autofocus 35mm options for Sony FE. There are now FIVE 35 1.4 options.

Zony 1.4/2.8
Sony 1.8/1.4GM
Sigma 2/1.4 (old)/1.4 (new)/1.2
Samyang 1.4/1.8/2.8
Tamron 2.8

I had the DSLR version of this. It was great! Sharp, very little vignetting. Was this really necessary?

@ "However, the Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM seems to be much better than this - sharp until the corners, much better focusing tech (dual XD motors, instead of the now-old stepper motor) etc"

That's true, but Sony also doesn't have direct manual focusing mechanism, only FBW, focus ring on Sony isn't physically attached to the motor, which is serious flaw for many. Classic mechanical focus rings are much better for manual shooting, and in shoot on manual a lot FBW can be really annoying due to lags, large increments, jagged in-camera interface and constant standby mode on FBW lenses, when to activate the FBW systen you need to make pretty big rotation of the ring. That's all really problematic and after a years on FBW lenses (I'm using Sony's FBW lenses fron first A7 release) - i'd say that FBW is not suitable for professional manual shooting. So from my side - stepper motor with direct focus ring's transmisson is much preferable for manual shooters.

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On article DPReview TV: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG DN Art review (62 comments in total)
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dbateman: I see Sigma announced Chris's new favorite lens. Will be glued to his camera non stop no doubt.
This would have been the perfect lens for Sigma to announce with RF and Z-mount support. Too bad Sigma is still limited to only Sony and L-mount lenses.
Or Sigma should have really shocked us and announced the Foveon L-mount camera with this lens. That would have been exciting.

Fuji already started to work with Sigma to create X-mount lenses, rumors are spreading fast

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RadPhoto: Funny how on DPR, almost always, people comment on Apple news those who don’t have Apple products or don’t want to use Apple products.

+RadPhoto, It's not funny because some Apple's policies are literally abysmal. People just want good devices without flaws, made by engineers, not marketers nothing more.

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TheBlackGrouse: And this is good company behavior: apologizing, fixing the issue and replacing the lenses.

Yeah, we could only wish Sony would fix same way IBIS' cracking mount on a7m3/a7r3/a7r4. Sony is "Too Big to Fail", they just afraid that such malfunctions would destroy their reputation, while on photography market it works in reverse way - you destroying your reputation by not admitting the problems and not fixing them.

Link | Posted on Apr 12, 2021 at 11:15 UTC

Finally something about photography on PHOTOGRAPHY related website.

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astroste: X-T4 won easily. Now they should compare it with R6, Z6 etc.

+ astroste

welcome to 2021 buddy. we here got top modern fullframes for less than 2 grands and shooting at night with clean 6400 ISO

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Long awaited tool. F-mount is one of the best optical lines through all manufacturers and Sony A1/7/9 series is best cameras ever existed, it it could it work togher then it would immensely sought-after product, if if would sustain AF performance close or equal to native lenses.

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mick232: Good news for Nikon users.

+ RadPhoto

We wasn't discussing possibilities of migration, it was all about aspiration

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In terms of IQ Sony is two heads ahead and choice of lenses are excessively wider on e-mount

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astroste: X-T4 won easily. Now they should compare it with R6, Z6 etc.

+ evaeva0705

"In reality most people can't tell a difference between APSC and FF image in a blind test"


full frame sensor is more than twice as much in terms of area than aps-c, therefore high ISOs twice less noisy and also have twice as much DR on high ISOs

that's A GIANT DIFFERENCE IF YOU SHOOT AT NIGHT A LOT and if you're street shooter/reportage photographer or involved in any other spectrum of lowlight photography field. and that's btw most of the current photography realted professions.

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Nilangsu: Sony A7III with Tamron F/2.8 lenses Is amazing in quality and value, something that can’t be replicated in APS-C. Including Fuji.

YASSSS Sony a7m3 + tamron 28-75 2.8 / tamron 70-180 2.8 is an ultimate choice for its price

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Daft Punk: Given that most people view images digitally, the so called "advantages" of FF are really limited.

Its like having a V8 in your car instead of a V6 or a diesel. In real world use it doesn't make any difference but you still "want" the V8 anyway. Same with full frame cameras.

I have plenty of full frame cameras. But I will admit this - when I look at my image folders a LOT of my favourite images are JPEGS taken on Fuji cameras using Acros and Classic neg. They are terrific pictures and I did very little post processing, if any.

For this reason, I give Fuji the nod over my A7R3 and my Panasonic S1R rigs for 90% of uses.

+ Daft Punk

I like how you consider in-camera's JPEG as something significant while we're on so-called professinal photo forum. It's ridiculous, discussing in-camera jpeg on professional forum.

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Docno: I’m a long-time Sony user, but I have to say that the X-T4 is much better looking than anything Sony puts out....

It's depends on what do you consider as better looking. From the point of brutal industrial design Sony is utterly stylish

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Greg OH: It boils down to lenses. The cameras are similar in price, but the only good Sony lenses are the outrageously-priced G Master series. For what one of those costs, you could get 3 or 4 great Fuji lenses.

Sony does have loads of third party lenses which quality/price ratio is excessively good, like Sigma 56 1.4 for an example or Tamron 70-180 2.8 and 28-75 2.8 and other options like Sigma 85 1.4 DG DN and else.

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Foskito: Former Sony user I can confirm using my XT3 is a MUCH more enjoyable experience, and the IQ is fantastic, regardless of sensor size.

That's valid point if you're daytime shooter mostly. If you're predominantly shoot at night then sensor size is excessively important. At full frame sensor you have sensor's area more than twice as much than on APS-C sensor which means twice as much ISO and DR on high isos. So sensor size maybe not really important if you taking your cameras for weekend's park outings and else but if you're really into night photography or anything where you do need high isos with admissible DR and noise level - then full frame is the only choice.

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mick232: Good news for Nikon users.

After A1 release I doubt there are any shooters who don't want to migrate to Sony

Link | Posted on Feb 14, 2021 at 22:44 UTC
On article Sony a1 review (2567 comments in total)
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Christian Unger: So instead of a new A7R model (we are at #4 right?) there is now the A1, so the new A7RV can miss some features and the price point will be between A7RIV and A1. The A7IV consumer model will probably cost a lot more than the A7III . Basically the A7 cameras will become the dumbed down "Rebel" cameras in Sony World, outdated and soon to be replaced by something else. Even the A7S3 looks outdated now - with the A1 and FX3.

A7 cameras is all casual shooter needs. If it would become "outdated" that's simply would make them cheaper which is upside, not downside.

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On article Sony a1 review (2567 comments in total)
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String: DPR comments never cease to amuse...

Leica brings out a $6500 body and its "jewelry", "only for dentists and doctors", "way way to expensive", etc, etc.

Sony brings out a $6500 body and "its the best camera ever made"

Leica's $6500 body is rewrapped Sony's sensor which you could get in a7m3 for $1,6K and so on. While A1 is literally technological masterpiece. There's nothing to compare, Leica's bodies are outdated prior release.

Link | Posted on Feb 13, 2021 at 16:41 UTC
On article Sony a1 review (2567 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Kudos to Sony. Once again, they prove they are a real and modern camera company. And.... I thought it would be hard to top the a9 II, but Sony found a way to do it.

This looks like a really amazing camera, and it really is worthy of the word "flagship."

I'm just hoping that as long as Sony now would get a lot of profit from a1 (i mean it's gonna be really huge) - they will also make good ol' simple 24mp a7m4 with all flaws of a7m3 fixed (IBIS mount issues and shutter's bad design both things are well known to Sony and they even realesed internal instructions for service-centers) with body, battery and probably AF improved. Also improved ISOs and DR as always Sony does in every new generation (new CPU from a1 would be awesome). Honestly it's all i want whatsoever. For under 2 grands price. 8K? Nah. Not even need for 4K. Just keep it simple and cheap and we're good.

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