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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (871 comments in total)
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dav1dz: I don't know why people are all raking on Apple for using "yester-year" parts. If anything, Microsoft is the culprit. At least the new 15" MBPs have Polaris GPUs. Surface Book's Performance Base is still using Maxwell. Both are on Skylake CPUs, but for the life of Microsoft they can't figure out how to fit a quad-core SKU into their thermal envelope.

If you're looking to attack Apple on the spec front, you should know that Microsoft is not even close at the same price segment. Some things are not so obvious, not all PCIe SSDs are made equal. Not all Intel CPUs are made equal even with the same branding. Look at the power requirements!

Oh, and you can't carry a Surface Studio around town. It's supposed to compete with the iMacs but once again is using only dual-core SKUs and Maxwell GPUs.

Dell XPS 15 touch would be a competitor. Good build quality, similar resolution, wide gamut, replaceable battery, upgradable memory, and upgradable hard drive. The current available model is better than Mac specs and the new one will have pascal video card.

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iAPX: The whole camera business is declining, DSLR are declining faster than mirrorless, but they are both in decline. Smartphones are killing them softly...
It is a clear disruptive technology, in the sense of what have been presented on "The innovator dilemma" book.

Nikon is pursuing sells with more expensive cameras (see D500 price, even pricier than D300 at it's launch), but it's clear non-sense on the long run.
Sony have took it right by selling sensors to smartphone makers, and making affordable high-end cameras (see a6300!).

I fear that within 10 years Nikon and Canon are nearly out-of-business, or selling only very high-end cameras (that is the same for most of us).

I need reading glasses and *for me* the advantage of a mirrorless viewfinder is having all of the information from the back LCD screen displayed in the viewfinder (that has diopter adjustment). I can review images, change menu settings, and take photographs without using my reading glasses. Your milage may vary.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1059 comments in total)
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caver3d: I own an E-M1. For me, from this point on, any Olympus (or Pany) camera I buy must include hybrid AF (CDAF and PDAF). Otherwise, forget it. At that price, it is outrageous that Oly left this feature out. And I happen to be an Oly fan.

This may not be how Olympus wants it either. Does the new 20mp Sony sensor support hybrid AF? The GX8 does not have hybrid either. With no real improvements on the sensor Olympus had to market the camera somehow - build quality and interface are what is left.

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Jerry Pruce: The more pixels the better. But why does it have to be so expensive? If it was around $3000 I'd buy it. And I wish they would make it smaller. Maybe in the next year or two, they'll come out with the 200mp version and the 100mp one will drop in price more to my liking. I think their shooting themselves in the foot by not offering the camera at an affordable price for the masses.

Sometimes a piece of trolling is written so smoothly it becomes a thing of beauty; it is like watching an expert fly fisherman casting his line.

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Nice to see reasonable levels of photoshop HDR / saturation adjustments.

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Is the Sony RAW format for this camera truly lossless? Not trolling just curious.

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On article Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's (109 comments in total)

The online photographer did an article about old Kodachrome

This site sells prints of hundreds of 4x5" format of Kodachrome color photos, and other library of congress pictures:

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On article Hand-painted Olympus E-P5 comes with bonus... Vespa? (51 comments in total)

Good for Olympus, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Especially publicity that costs you nothing.

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Joesiv: Seems strange why would someone spending 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars on a camera (from what I gather these are priced in the market of arri and such) for a camera body just to put consumer grade lens' on it? Seems strange. C-mount, PL-mount, even EOS seem more in relavant.

While I welcome them to the fold, it just seems odd.

Oh well, hopefully panasonic's new x series lens' offer something worthy of thier cameras.

The SHG 4/3 lenses are good lenses for video. 14-35mm, 35-100mm 150mm are all up to it.

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Simon97: I was wondering if anyone was ever going to put a sensor in a manual style SLR body. Sounds interesting if not a niche product.

Epson Seiko and Voightmander's parent company made the R-D1. Manual lever between shots. Mine still works well.

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On article The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching (168 comments in total)

Thanks for the information. I will have to try the red channel technique.

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On photo DSC_0019 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (3 comments in total)

Photo of the target demographic.

Floral patterned Nikon camera and lens to be released by Christmas

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On a photo in the Nikon J1 Preview Samples sample gallery (3 comments in total)

Photo of the target demographic.

Floral patterned Nikon camera and lens to be released by Christmas

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On article Nikon 1 System First Impressions (248 comments in total)

Nikon have always made SLR's I like and want. I have never been interested in any of their small cameras. They are like Microsoft dominant at one thing and suck at the rest. This camera is like a Zune mp3 player released into a market full of Ipods

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Is there a chance to test this lens on a 5N? Thank you.

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I live in northern Canada and I have the Olympus E-3 and E-5. Cold performance has been great. Below -20c blowing snow is very powdery it works it's way into all of the seams. The cameras have never had a problem with cold or moisture. The sensor has shut down in summer due to overheating. Extended live view use on a hot August day can be a problem.

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On article Content commenting system launched (128 comments in total)

Can we have this on forum posts? I would even like a dislike button on forum posts. One forum I was on automatically hid a comment if it received too many dislikes.

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