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Born in the late '40's, I've retired to Laramie, Wyoming from back east.

Most of the shots are taken as I and my dog hike in the prairies of The Great Laramie Plains.
The majority of stereo pairs in my Flickr stream were taken with a Nikon 7600,Canon A720, or Cano G12 Point-and-shoots. Cha-cha method used, then processed by Stereo Photo Maker. I find it addicting! It's amazing what you can do with simple modern cameras!

The Infrared shots were taken with a Minolta Dimage 7 and an IR filter. I have paired two Dimage 7's for the more recent Stereo Infrared shots. Using a common remote, they "sync" very well, even when doing bracketed exposures for HDR processing.

Back in my "film" days, I used an f3.5 or f2.8 Stereo Realist Camera made by David White Co.

In the 1970's, my neighbor's eyesight began to fail, so she sold me her f3.5 Stereo Realist so it could continue to see use. She used it VERY heavily for at least 20 years. I used it just as much for over 20 MORE years, until I upgraded to an f2.8 Stereo Realist. It still worked well when I sold it! The Realist is a very sturdy, simple camera. In a pinch, it also can be used as a weapon!

I couldn't afford slide (reversal) film in those early years, so I fed it re-spooled B&W film, processed it myself, and made Holmes views in my "darkroom", seen here..


To produce a single antique Holmes (3.5" x 7") card took about an hour (not including drying time). How things have changed!

I had produced HUNDREDS of negatives that I've never seen printed or made positive. A modern film scanner is changing that rapidly....

Slides and Negatives presented here were scanned with a CanoScan 8400F and 9000F scanner, cropped and re-aligned with StereoPhotoMaker, then tweaked (levels, curves and color balanced) and sharpened with Photoshop. Recently, I have discovered that even very dense negatives can be successfully scanned by fusing three scans at different exposures with Photomatix software.

The scanner can recognize dust and scratches on E6 films and "removes" them. Sometimes this produces small spot "retinal rivalries" as the software "fills-in" or clones the obscured image with extrapolated data from surrounding areas. Spots/scratches on black and white negatives cannot be detected and these remain in the displayed image.

The Stereo Realist can have some "Quirks". Some users have called these quirks "features"! It was common to experience a small light leak on the right film chip using modern high speed (100 ISO) films due to an inadequated film door seal. These remain in some of these scans. Another is a slight difference in exposure between pairs. While the shutter is fully sychronized, the irises are not so precise. The scanner will pick up these slight exposure differences and some of this shows as "retinal rivalries" in the highlights (typically in clouds). The solution was to always set the lens aperture from one direction to compensate for very slight "slack" in the iris adjustment mechanism. An example of both "features" is here:


The f3.5 Realist lenses will vignette heavily when used at f16 or f22. Here's an example:


It's best to go no smaller than f11 to avoid vignetting. Some of this vignetting can be seen in the scans of early slides and negatives. The f2.8 lenses do NOT vignette at small apertures, and will produce superior photographic results overall.

For a great resource about the Realist, go to DrT's page here:


All the images in my Flickr stream are arranged for "crosseye" viewing.

Recently I obtained a decent film scanner. Now I have to get all those film images on-line! Film based "Stereo Realist" Pairs are a more recent set of postings. Some of these are negatives that I had take many years ago, and have NEVER seen printed or made positive. Darkroom work was not very productive, it takes a LOOONG time to produce a single, decent Holmes Card. Now I can scan and process a dozen negs in an hour! It's exciting to see old work for the first time!

UPDATE: Most recent sunset shots, rainbows, and skys are shot within a few step of my home. The atmospherics that present themselves in the Laramie Valley can be astounding!

Senior life in the Laramie area is vibrant! The proximity of the amazing Medicine Bow National Forest, and the outstanding University of Wyoming in Laramie ,make life quite busy, even at the altitude of 7400 feet and in the longer winter seasons.

If summer falls on a weekend in Laramie, we go on a picnic, or even play baseball! Wyoming is really a small town with VERY long streets...

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