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I used to use V860 ii, V1 and AD 200 for my wedding shoots. When I shot wedding dance, all these flashes caused an overheating problem, resulted in misfire and a long recycling time. Eventually, they all became useless. Some Godox owners say otherwise but I know that there are some Godox users who have had the same experience.

So I moved on to the Wescott FJ flash system and I never looked back. It's the Jinbei rebranded product but IMOP, the FJ 80 could be the best Speedlight. It costs a bit more but it's so easy to use and its touch screen menu makes a huge difference.

Quite often, I have to change the settings in the flash and this touch screen menu is a huge time saver

With Wescott's accessory tool, you can fire AD 400 and AD 200 manually. This was a surprise find.

Dpreview, when you get a chance, get an FJ80 and do its review, please.

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dominique_m: I got mine today!
Good news: My first imrpession is: Works compareably (well) to Techart adapter on Z5 and Z6II with the Tamron 28-75. (The Techart is not perfect but gives me quite a good hitrate.)
Hope to have time tomorrow to try a few lenses in my local shop tomorrow and buy one (or two?)!
Any wishes what lens I should try? Well don't wish for high end lenses because I wouldn't buy them anyway, so wouldn't bother the shop.

I want you to try Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM to see if it works on the Z cameras. Thank you!

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m_black: This might be the only way I can use a Tamron 35-15 f/2-2.8 on my Z6.

I went to Tamron's website and checked all E-mount lenses but they don't have 15-35 f2-2.8 lens. Is it available now? Where did you see it?

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m_black: This might be the only way I can use a Tamron 35-15 f/2-2.8 on my Z6.

I've been using my Tamron 15-30 f2.8 on my Z6 with an FTZ adapter. It works just fine.

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This IS good news to me. I want a new Z14-24 f2.8 but it's just too expensive to own it . But now with this adapter, I can use Sigma 14-24 f2.8 Sony E mount lens for my Z6. It is an excellent lens and it costs less than half of the price of the Nikon Z lens. The ETZ 11 has opened up a lot of lens choices for the Z system.

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JMD-70: ...this one almost got me! Glad I scrolled through a few comments!,...then back up to review the "post date"! April fool!!!!!

It's NOT April fool! It's real!!

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It looks to be an amazing camera! There are two interesting features about this camera.

1) Mosquito. The Z9 can send an ultrasonic sound to repel mosquitoes at about 3 m away from the camera. If you're a nature/landscape photographer, you know you always have to deal with bugs and mosquitoes. So this feature alone will make your photography life a little more comfortable.

2) If you accidentally drop the camera in the water, the safety bag will deploy and the camera will float up to the surface so that you will be able to locate your camera.

Very interesting! And to Nikon. Good job!! It about time you showed up!!!

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Sony should acknowledge this problem and offer a free shutter replacement even if the owners' camera is out of warranty. But the problem is, will they really fix the problem?

I have a D750 and this is a used one and it was affected by Nikon's shutter recall but the original owner sent it into the Nikon service center and had them replace the shutter. It's been 3 years since then and I haven't had any shutter-related problem at all.

That means, Nikon fixed the problem.

Some of you probably own Nintendo Switch and its controller is well known for its image-drifting problem. Nintendo offered a free replacement but the replacement apparently is the same one that had a problem, so the owners soon began to have the same problem again. They never fixed the problem.

I would say that when Canon/Nikon issue a recall, they would almost always fix the problem. Let's see what Sony will do.

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This one is perfect for a wedding shoot and the price is right. I'm getting it!!

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On article Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN sample gallery (58 comments in total)

Thank you for posting your sample gallery. I like Ninja better than Sigma but the Sigma did a good job.

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David Weber: I have an A1 and the the new A1x. Profoto has published a firmware update for the A1, so it's now identical to the A1x. The A1x battery has a higher capacity, but apart form that it's the same battery as from the A1. The only technical difference between both flashes, that i have realized is, that the A1x is more robust built. The head stays better in position, witch is good if you use it on camera. I think the A1 is quite a good deal at the moment. It's a lot cheaper, comes with two batteries (in europe) and gets some of news features form the A1x for free via firmware update.

Hi David,

I have a question. So can you use the A1X battery for the A1?

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All the specs aside, I like its form factor. It looks good ,it looks sexy! And this form factor alone, Canon never forgets their root.

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MarcoSartoriPhoto: I'm ignorant on drone topic and maybe someone can help me see things more clear or at least give me a hint: I only shoot still, I don't take videos, what kind of drone/model would you suggest to consider?
One thing, I would never buy a big one to attach a real camera.

I want to add one more thing. This was suggested by a well known youtube drone reviewer. He told me to get a cheap drone first just for my practice purpose. Everybody crashes his drone so for your first drone, you may not want spend a lot of money on it.

I got a $100 practice drone but I particularly picked a little large size drone. It's looks like a mini Dji Phantom. Because if the drone body is very small,it may be difficult to control its flight. Once I got confident flying my drone, then I will be ready to get a better one.

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MarcoSartoriPhoto: I'm ignorant on drone topic and maybe someone can help me see things more clear or at least give me a hint: I only shoot still, I don't take videos, what kind of drone/model would you suggest to consider?
One thing, I would never buy a big one to attach a real camera.

I'm a wedding photographer and I'm thinking about adding drone video/still photo to my services. Just like you, I'm new to drones so I've watched hours and hours of youtube videos of drone reviews recently.

1) A drone with a good camera means a lot. Just because a reviewer says it's an excellent drone under $200 or $300,that doesn't mean it takes an acceptable image/video quality for a paid job.

2) I thought I would need a drone with GPS so that it would mostly eliminate the risk of loosing it.

3) 3 axis gimbal to get a stable video/still image quality.

4) Flight time. To me, most drone under $300, you get about 20 minutes or less flying time but you have to deduct 3-5 minutes of returning time.

5) If you picked a few drones to buy, watch several different reviews on each drone.

6)Make sure that the drone you want to buy accepts micro sd card. If something happens to your phone app and stops recording, the drone will continue to record it to the memory card.

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This is an excellent article and it's a good read during Corvid-19. Which camera is the best really depends on user's shooting style/purpose. I'm a Nikon shooter and I'm a wedding photographer so if I would choose my camera here, I would choose Z6. Yes, it lacks double card slots but I can live with it. For my job,the camera's ergonomics means a lot. It's a day long job so any camera that I don't feel comfortable in my hand, doesn't cut it for me.

I think all the cameras presented here are excellent cameras and you won't go wrong with any of these. It goes to show that all the camera makers have come a long way to what they are today. I have to say that Sony is the reason why other camera makers, especially Canon/Nikon, had to come up with competitive mirrorless cameras to stay in the business. And we consumers benefit from it.

Since I'm buying a drone to add a drone video/still photos for my services, I have no budget for a mirrorless camera. But I want to get one someday.

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I just read the article at yahoo Japan that China started using Avigan,an anti-influenza medication developed by a unit of Fujifilm Holdings Corp., to treat patients of the novel coronavirus. I've known about this medication and Japan has 200,000 units. China's medical group reported that Avigan is effective and that the patients treated with this medication went from positive with COVID-19 to negative in a short amount of time.So they are planning to mass produce this medication in China. South Korea is also considering to use Avigan.

But there is a severe side effect.

You can't use this drug for a pregnant woman. If you use this drug for a pregnant woman, her baby's arms and legs could be deformed.

Fuji Film used Avigan in Africa back in 2014 during ebola virus outbreak in that region. They didn't know if it would work for humans because they had never tested on humans,yet. So without the government's approval, they took a risk to use it to save people and it worked.

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On article Nikon D780 initial sample gallery (212 comments in total)

D750's jpeg file was one of the best when it was first introduced and still is excellent today. I'm very impressed by the D780's sensor performance. Look at the iso 5600 Rugby shot. With my D750, the same photo would've never looked this good. That's a good news. But my D750 has been my working horse so I will stick with for a while.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D780 (346 comments in total)

This IS an excellent camera. I've been using D750/800 for my wedding shoots and I love the D750.

1) buffer capacity. When I need to shoot in a burst mode, its buffer filled quickly and then slows down my shoot and eventually would not let me take any more shot.

Nikon fixed this problem in the D780 and it's a big plus.

2) It depends on ambient light condition but sometimes I need more than 1/4000 maximum shutter speed and Nikon fixed this issue in the D780.

3) The 750's low light capability is already excellent and now the new D780 seems to upgraded its low light performance even better.

4) I don't feel nor I have felt the need for a battery grip. The battery for the D780 lets you shoot more than 2000 shots per fully charged battery and that's why Nikon eliminated the need for the battery grip. To me, the battery grip only adds more dimension and weight that I don't need for my type of shoot.

Thank you Nikon for not forgetting about DSLR users!

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Hybrid or not, if this flash works well for a burst shoot,it would be a good news. I use a speedlight for a wedding reception/dance and especially when I shoot dancing scenes I shoot quite a lot, so the flash has to be able to cope with the heat. As far as I know( if I'm wrong,I'm sorry) Profoto A1 and Nikon SB5000 are the only two flashes that can handle burst shoot and I use the SB5000 and I can hear the fan noise. It's been working very well for my purpose. Some Canon pros may like this new hybrid flash.

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I don't own Nikon's Z camera but looking at their future lens road map, I wonder if they would update some F mount lenses. 85 f1.8 needs to be updated. I sold it and I got Tamron 85 f1.8 VC and I'm very happy with it. I had 135 DC f2 though it's a very nice lens, CA was terrible so it needs to be updated. 50 f1.2 and 85 f1.2 sound good but its price will be sky high.

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