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  • There used to be a Windows program called Photomatte Lab that allows you to build your own digital frames.  I liked it a lot.  The company went out of business many years ago, but I have seen the ...
  • In XNView, there is a configuration option that allows you to turn on or off the use of profiles.  That could be the problem there.
  • Three and a half years later, I still agree with the first reply: Fastone Photo Resizer.  It's free, easy to use, and does a good job.
  • Good points, but my purpose here is primarily to see the images and to re-live the events that i had captured.  I don't care much about quality.  I can put up with scratches and spots, although ...
  • Impressive answers, but you folks are willing to spend WAY more time and effort on scanning than I am.  I'm now looking at  They're expensive (54 cents per image) but really easy.  ...
  • Thanks for all the thoughtful answers.  I still don't know what I will do.  The Walmart idea is a good one, but I live in New York City, and we don't have any Walmarts here.  Plus, they only ...
  • Created discussion thread Easy or cheap scanning?
    This may be OT for this forum, but I don't really know where to post it. I recently ran across a box of lots (500-1,000) old 35mm negatives.  I would love to scan them into my PC.  Frankly (and I ...
  • I'm saying both of those things.  But (and it's a pretty big "but"), my experience is only with jpg files.  It appears to me that, after changing some of the setup parameters, XnView will work ...
  • I'm a jpg-only kind of guy, so I don't know much about RAW handling of metadata, but it sounds like this RAW ratings omission means that XnView won't help the OP.
  • Just FYI, I use XnViewMP to view my jpgs, and it shares star ratings with Lightroom.  I don't know if it's a config option, or if XnView only stores ratings in the jpg header.
  • Aha.  I think I understand.  You need to go to the Lightroom preferences screen (on a PC, it's Edit-Preferences), then, at the bottom of the General screen, click on Catalog Preferences, then ...
  • When you apply the ratings with the Nikon software, have you tried synchronizing the folder under Lightroom with the "Scan for Metadata" option turned on?
  • I use a 3rd party Anker brand USB charger, and it seems to work fine. Obviously, I can't tell if your problem is in your camera or your charger(s).  Maybe it has something to do with how Apple ...
  • Thanks everyone for the annoying answers.  :-)  I wish Panasonic had made our lives just a little easier.
  • Months ago, there were a few posts here about USB charging on the G5X.  I seem to remember that users complained that only a fairly powerful AC adapter would work; the minimum USB spec ones didn't. ...
  • Created discussion thread ZS100 Lens Retraction Time
    When I am taking pictures, and then switch to "play" mode, the lens retracts to soon for my tastes.  I have been unable to find a setting that will make this delay longer.  Has anybody else found ...
  • Replied in My 2 cents
    I'm going to eventually agree with your post, but I do want to explain a serious difference in expectations.  You and I apparently use our cameras differently - no right or wrong, just different. I ...
  • This is not happening to me.  I have only recharged via USB once, but it worked fine for me.  Make sure the micro-USB plug is inserted firmly into the socket.
  • Yes.  I charge it with a generic charger.
  • Works fine for me with a regular (non-Canon) micro-USB cable.  Make sure the door covering the port is wide open, and be sure to use the correct port (the top one). -barry
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