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On article Sony a7R IV: What you need to know (750 comments in total)

the only lame issue for me is ... no lossless raw compression... seriously 10+yrs ago my canon dslr had lossless raw... seriously sonee

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Lensmate: A Sony A9m2 45mp would make me sit upright....loud hand rubbing going on!

errr multiple entendre

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iAPX: "reconstruction" seems to be the new word for artificially created frames (or visuals).

This is *NOT* reconstruction, this is an artificial creation, that might be close to reality but has its own new artefacts (and they are pretty visible in many case).
It's an alternative reality and it's dangerous whatever your usage except to show hi-speed events as "imagined" by AI, and not a representation of any reality.

wow a veritable internet brain scientist reveals the truths

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Aroart: Please make an ap to remove the Kardashians from planet earth....

u just jealous

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On article Sandmarc releases anamorphic lens for the iPhone (97 comments in total)

a serious absurdity for those serious about irrational spending
or is it like
yo let me whip out mah seriously cinematic anamorphic lens camera in mah pocket so i kin post it on me instagross and facebutts
get those likes and thumbs up ya'll

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Gary Barnett: They have already done 1st & 2nd kickstarter (1st & 2nd gen), so why would they need another kickstarter? I was under the impression that kickstarter meant to start up a new business but...?

imma put a voodoo and get yer hipster mustache-beard to fall off and never grow back

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Akpinxit: I hope that ACR beta is really early beta , otherwise NEF IQ is lower than expected (by me) , even at ISO 640 images are strangely grainy with NR all over the fine details .

ya but this is 3000$ noise. by Nikon.
therefore not noise but NIkon polished grains ;)

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The Name is Bond: A little underexposure = atmosphere. And there's the proof. It's also how I do my portraits. Just pump the highs a little.

and lots of grain... oops, actually its NOISE

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Royal Majesty: I zoom in and it's really sharp. When i zoom in even more, it's still really sharp!

i donno...maybe ...only 3000 $ for these infernal iso shots at 6400 ??? make it 5000 a piece and we buy for 20mil son

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4472 comments in total)

4000$ .. it is 2018... lol what a bunch of crock ... camera makers are out of their f'in mind

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Omg a behind the scenes... click...

Hmm a lot of words but just like half page and some Brit-faced teeth photo...

Aha I found it

110 50 megapixel images, shot on a Fujifilm GFX 50s with a 250mm F4 lens. The result is a 2.3 gigapixel file.

Sweet! Awesome behind the scenes! So much to learn!
Damn I wanna be just like you (getting paid to squirt a page full of ...0...)

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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (584 comments in total)
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G Sciorio: OMG Do you know what this means?? NOTHING

Sony stock price go up?

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Roland Karlsson: I have a wish. That you use modern designs and modern glass and modern manufacturing methods to make compact lenses that are by far superior to the old compact ones.

If this 24 mm lens is such a lens, then I salute Samyang.

Those huge, expensive, heavy and fast lenses you tend to make today are probably very nice. And I assume there is a target market for those. But ... it is not me. A tiny 24/2.8 is totally perfect if it has superior optical qualities, at least at F4.

Good luck with your crusade.
Tho... can you also fix/get rid of daylight savings time

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI first impressions (273 comments in total)
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dr8: This image - <> Why do the windows start taking on a more cartoonish blurr the further down the building you look???? Near the top observation deck the windows are kinda nice, but down by the 'gold dome' they look like a smudged color pencil cartoon. Same with the bricks on the light grey building on the left - top is sharp, go down & fuzzy sets in. Dof here maybe, but on the 'empire state building' ? If dof, then why are the top bricks on the grey building as sharp as the people on the observation deck?

ya looks pretty crappy for a ! 1000 $ ! P&S
just cause it has a lens that sticks out it makes no sense to use this instead of a decent smartphone

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TenMegaPixel: This monitor is 16:10 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 - How is this "1080p" as stated in the article? Just asking...

details shmeetails

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