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How was narration recorded? Did you try recording with an external mic to the camera?

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Always informative, the DPR videos contribute well to the tools of us working pros. Why then, are they so poorly executed? I'd be happy to come to Seattle from Portland and produce the kind of production worthy of DPReview. C'mon guys. I know you know how to do this.
Sorry to grouse! But C'mon!

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8k. Why not 11k? How about solving the issues they have with cameras now- like swing out screens that hit protruding cables? Or no built in ND filters? How about 15 stop dynamic range with no noise- without applying logs & luts? Panasonic makes lovely machines but chasing higher & higher rdxrdtez with the staggering file sizes involved is a dubious strategy.

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Am I alone unable to see past the obnoxious noise and pollution of this hobby?

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On article Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory (194 comments in total)

God I hope you were shooting with a Sigma lens!

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Marty4650: There seems to be a real disconnect between making an "affordable camera" for lenses that cost between $4,000 and $10,000.

I mean... why bother?

Can't the Leica lens owner afford a Leica camera?
If someone can't afford those lenses, they why would they buy this camera?

Did I miss the part where Konost was planning to create a few affordable lenses for their affordable camera?

I'd say Konost is solving a problem that doesn't exist. Perhaps they might have been better off creating an affordable rangefinder camera that uses Nikon F lenses?

Indeed sir.

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Hardware aside, this truly is the arrival of e-capitalism. Firefly?
Really? Want it, have it. Jeez people, c'mon. See this for what it is. Will a drone deliver it?

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It's time to start including mbps to the video specs please.

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On article Landscape photography: tips for your smartphone (40 comments in total)
I greatly appreciate the encouragement to start with a good image. The filtering and processing apps are excellent unless there are no details in an overblown sky or areas of noisy underexposed blackness. Know what the camera "likes" and the post effects will work wonders!

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E_Nielsen: Ahem... You guys forgot the Sigma DP2 Merrill. Can any of the top 5 cameras in this article produce photos comparable to the DP2 Merrill? I dare you to do an objective comparison.
I've owned the DP2 Merrill for a few months now and remain astonished that a camera of its compact size can produce photos comparable to top DSLR or even medium-format cameras. Why isn't this camera all over your Web site??

I think a fixed 45mm equivalent is the deal killer.

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On article Breaking the Rules (142 comments in total)

Composition is nothing more than an intuitive response to a scene. It may be wrong to many, but it is a response with all the attendant baggage of the taker.
I say, keep going. look. See. Respond. Guiding and sharing have been useful both as a student and as a pro. Follow your heart. Work to keep it open.

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