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Finally, I own a red Gameboy camera and a flash cart reader. The red colour has always been the best feature, but my son somehow enjoys the buzzing sounds it makes.

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NotANumber: Megamaterials are resonator arrays. It is in principle not possible to make one lens array, which works for all the visible light wavelengths.

The principle is to make an array of camera sensor each with
a selected wavelength and focus.

It has already been done by Pelican, but may even get feasible
with massproduced lithography techniques like this.

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This clearly signals that the 1 series 1" sensors are not enough,
or that Nikon can't compete with Sony and RX100 in that market.

$299 + a ricoh viewfinder

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CameraLabTester: This new sensor has been developed exclusively for video recording.

Hopefully the next set of posts will reflect opinions based on that.


4k is video too, but full HD is good for family pictures.

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Paul_B Midlands UK: I tell you what would be innovation ... some firmware support from Sony for NEX5N users, its well overdue. Look after those who already bought-in. I don't want to hear some suit blathering on about the NEX6 etc, what about fixing the snags with the earlier ones.

NEX-7 got a wider range of AEB and option to disable the movie button. Hardly rocket science, it's not like he wants to use his camera to take pictures using for example the touchscreen.

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riknash: It's really nice to see Canon stepping up and listening to the users of the camera. I was wrong. I didn't think Canon would add f/8 AF capability in a 5D model so its quite refreshing to learn today that this feature will be added, uhmm, next year. I suspect the delay addresses the usual reasons (stop users switching brands, allow other yet to be announced products to catch up). Unfortunately that's a long time in the professional video world. No pro is going to wait for April fools next year to show up but rather acquire another brand in order to meet present production needs.

Maybe they can up the frame rate from 6fps to 8 fps along with a deeper buffer? The 5D3 must keep up with at least a 7D, a three year old camera. The 6fps is way to slow for action photography. Ideally it would go faster as then it would be the one the rest of us could more afford than a 1DX with some of the same benefits. That would make the $3400 price tag more palatable.

You are comparing apples and pears, 7D is not a full frame camera so the shutter and mirror can be smaller, lighter and travel a shorter distance. Another limiting factor is the number of pixels to push for each frame, 1DX and 7D are blessed with dual processors and datapaths - 5D3 is not.

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turretless: Hmmm.... Interesting... I've been using 5D3 with 70-300 f/4-5.6L sitting on Kenko Teleplus Pro C-AF 1.4 for several months. And I haven't noticed any problem with auto focus, though the maximum aperture of the combination is f/8 at 300 (i.e. 420) mm. Am I missing something?

Some third party teleconverters do not report the actual aperture but will just pass along the values provided by the lens. This would not have been possible with a Canon TC.

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CameraLabTester: By luring APS lens owners into el cheapo full framhoe camera territory... Canon gains more FF lens sales, and accelerating their APS lens legacy into the dustbin of oblivion.

Nikon's philosophy is better: DX APS lenses CAN be used on their Full Frame cameras... with lesser MP of course... a better legacy.

Just like their FD mount, the EF-S mount is history...


EF-S on fullframe has technical issue on canon,
they specified it to make it possible for lenses to get closer to the sensor which means that there exists lenses that would come in contact with the mirror of a fullframe.
Nikon probably analyzed this before they came out with the DX mount.

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For macro the background is often a blurry color,
but the article misses how the focal length decides how much and how busy the background is.
Maybe a sideeffect of being stuck with a dslr which cannot do low angles and a single macro lens for too long. is a good site, despite excelling in normal macro shots he has also highlighted the use of 300 or 600 mm glass for even more extreme subject isolation and did not hesitate to post a shot from his phone when it showed the environment from a low angle better than his macro shots.
A wide angle with close focus would also do.

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