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Sigma lenses have had problems before with some Nikon SLRs.
The original Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM prime was a disaster on the Nikon D300. The hopeless focus inaccuracy with this combination, could not be fully eliminated even with the camera's focus fine-tuning option because it was not consistent over the entire focus range. It also overexposed for most of the aperture range by at least one stop.
My conclusion, at the time, was that the design of the lens was the culprit when paired with this DX-sensor camera. I suspect that this lens's very wide rear element sited so close to the small reflex mirror of the DX-format D300 meant that much of the light from the periphery of the lens, when focusing/metering at full aperture simply bypassed the outer edges of the reflex mirror and did not reach the focusing screen. In other words, more light reached the image sensor during exposure, than reached the reflex mirror during focusing/metering.
Maybe something similar here?

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On article Fujifilm releases FinePix REAL 3D V3 viewer (36 comments in total)

I just hope that this Fujifilm V3 viewer is better than the preceding V1 version which I purchased. In order to see a 3D image on the V1 viewer, the viewing angle is incedibly narrow and the viewing distance also quite critical. Even then, the 3D image is full of "ghosting" and really rather poor.The lack of internal battery power is also a major omission, since with the power-cable attached it cannot be easily passed around for a group of people to view.
Generally, I'm a fan of Fuji products, and their 3D cameras are excellent (including the integral lenticular 3D screen on the camera), but unless this V3 viewer is much better than the V1 - and hopefully cheaper too- I would leave well alone!

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