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Tungsten Nordstein

Lives in Tonga London, Tonga
Works as a Unprofessional photography incompetent.
Has a website at www.tungstennordstein.com
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Getting photography wrong since the 80s.

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  • My limited experience with testing one of those Panasonic LXs tells me that the GX100 will be a small revelation for you. (I looked at LXs quite carefully around when I bought the GRDI ). Tons ...
  • Commented on photo Expensive "Magritte" chair in N Desmond's photo gallery

    This one!

  • Commented on photo D.C. corners in N Desmond's photo gallery

    I love these.

  • Hehe. I was being funny. Magic vs. 'better'. Slowness vs. speed. There's a debate better left alone.
  • Yes you had to change the development times to compensate. And unlike Rondom, most people did the whole film. Goes to show that despite all it's shortcomings, digital photography does still have ...
  • Yes, you can change film speed in camera - it was called pushing or pulling the film. The ME Super was a nice camera.
  • Here's the full image sent to Lightroom for a b&w preset. Very much the sister camera of the GRD. I love the unique random noise 'grain' pattern with those little black flecks here and there. All ...
  • Tina. I did a test. GX100 at ISO 1600. Here you can see the magic of the GX100 image engine. There are RAW and JPG (I forgot I have it on soft which I prefer for less in-camera sharpening). And I ...
  • ANAYV. You have to take into account that I shoot film and digital. Do I really have to keep remembering to switch from ISO to ASA and back again? My cameras and my light meter say ASA.
  • Tina. thanks for uploading the photos. I have to say they look great. Lovely photos. The B&W is really nice, the noise/grain pattern is really nice. All in all it shows what a great little camera ...
  • ANAYV. I really did understand what you mean by Multi Aspect Ratio . In your previous post you said FOV, now you are saying Angle of View. They are different things. Angle of view is related only ...
  • The thing is ISO is actually written as example 400/27°, which is ASA/DIN. ASA being arithmetic and DIN being logarithmic. So in effect calling it ISO seems wrong. 400 ISO is really saying 400 ASA. ...
  • I think you are not maintaining field of view, you are changing it by choosing an image ratio. Why think of this pixels lost, when it could be considered simply as a choice to change the aspect ...
  • Yes that must be it. It has reduced the size when you uploaded the other way. Yes this can be a hot subject. But the decision Is purely about personal aesthetic choice as I explain below. if you ...
  • Thank-you. Enforced intimacy? I think the idea came from recently seeing shots of food packed into a tight space, from the 1950s. Also the orgy scene in the film Flaming Creatures.
  • I like Soma frames. I have one. Nice pics.
  • It'd be almost worth being a rich-idiot-snob just to have one. And most of them are faults you could probably address later.

    And until Ricoh hurry up and get a new camera out, the CL would be a...

  • Ricoh *are* special. If the GX100 had flaws, then so did all cameras. Part of the process is to work within a camera's limitations. At the time of the early Ricohs, DPREVIEW had a problem with ...
  • Sorry Tina, I just realised that I downloaded the dpreview thumbnail size and overlooked the large sizes linked below. So forget my 'too jpg'd' description, please. Your large images are 1600 x ...
  • it's a nice shot. reminds me of the times I took long GRD exposures around the church in my parent's village. The image is too small and too jpg'd for me to comment on the quality of the file. But ...
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