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  • Obviously the first implementation of IS :-D More seriously, there are three layers of plexi, two bluish ones for the structure, and one whitish one where it all happens.  Is the whitish one solid ...
  • Thanks to you and the others for your response. I'm surprised at how many firstly want some extra height for 'pinky support'. Like you I didn't even notice this. I mostly miss the top display, and ...
  • Replied in Magical AF
    As Alastair says, the AF is almost magical on the latest R models, in APS-C I've gone from the 90D to the R7, and seeing the AF latch onto the eye of a bird in flight is awesome. The EF lenses work ...
  • True, it was designed for the EOS C70 which has a slightly wider 'Super 35mm' sensor than R7's APS-C.
  • Yes, definitely designed for the C70, but the OP's link to a video shows it being reviewed and working on an R7.
  • It's a Canon adapter : https://www.usa.canon.com/shop/p/mount-adapter-ef-eos-r-0-71x?color=Black&type=New Good for keeping your FF wide angle lenses wide on APS-C
  • Interesting adapter, the precise oposite of the more usual 1.4x extender. If you want ot use full frame EF lenses on an R7, R10 or R50 without getting the extra reach - a 100mm stays just that, not ...
  • As others have said, you need a Windows or Mac computer to extract on a computer with DPP.  Other software options may become available, but not necessarily in a Chromebook. The one thing you can ...
  • He doesn't appear to be wearing a helmet this evening ! Anyone else spot him too? (ok, I might have highlighted his eyebrow a little, top right) R7 + RF2EF + Kenko 1.4x + EF 1.4x III + EF 2x II + ...
  • I for one would. Although the R7 is now around 1500 dollars or euros, so a more pro R7 II in an R5 type body might be closer to 2500.
  • Agreed.  I find it amazing how Canon keep changing the layouts of the different bodies. (Canon DSLR user since Noah's arc and before) Mode dial on left or right. With or without lock. Or just a button.
  • Interesting replies, thanks guys :-) I would love to see the R7 II in an R6 II body, with the mode dial moved back to the left side and the return of a top LCD screen. Yeah ! :-D Please Canon ? Hel ...
  • With 45 MP, an R5 puts about 17 MP on the APS-C crop area, ie roughly half that of the R7. An R5 II would have to have over 80MP to match the R7 pixel density. It would then need much more ...
  • Replied in fixed link
    Looks good, love the allen key tucked away into it. Now, who's good with a 3D printer around here?
  • LOL, but who's complaining, it's just polite feedback to Canon for the next APS-C version, I'm sure Canon will take heed, WON'T YOU CANON !!!   ;-) Arrrgh, no no no, no grip for me thanks :-p But ...
  • Some love a battery grip, but not for me, and it doesn't improve the small controls :-(
  • Yes, as John says, and I use that combination too.  The EF 2x II was the last Canon Extender that allowed another Canon extender behind it.  For native RF mount, we'll have to look for third party ...
  • Created discussion thread Larger R7 II Canon ?
    Hi, is anyone else finding the R7 a bit on the small side ? AF speed is incredibly good, it's full of wonderful functions, but its small size means smaller and more fiddly controls compared to a 7D II.
  • Just imagine, if an RF2EF adapter becomes available that fits onto the RFx2 extender, it would be possible to mount : RFx2 + RF2EF + EFx1.4 III + EFx2 II + 100-400 IS L II giving zoomed at 400mm a ...
  • My dentist has a dslr and the EF version of that lens.  The only problem was getting enough depth of field.  Setting on Av mode and closing down the aperture solved that :-)
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