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Who on earth at DPR decided to publish such a limited test? Working part-time for Ikea?
Imagine doing the same for cameras...
The Canon 7DII is better than Canon 5DIV as it has higher fps. We didn't think other features were worth testing.

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SarahTerra: Super awkward when thatmodel runs lol

I trust these reviewers and their conclusions as much as bill Clinton under oath. How did this make it on to the Dpreview home page?

I mean never mind the poor quality of the shots...They did the buffet test with an Sd card *facepalm*

I think they just did the best they could, not being complete techno freaks. I do think that either they or DPR should have reviewed the video and commented on the bits they didn't fully understand.

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rfsIII: Of course this couple shrewdly avoided Fuji, Pentax, and Sigma cameras, because they would be forced to admit that Nikon, Canon, and Sony are second rate junk...Junk which is purchased only by gullible amateurs whose judgement is overwhelmed by the torrent of nonsense gushing from the internet.

Pffft! My Kodak Instamatic 100 is still the best! No faffing around losing time with adjusting settings, just shoot and get that pic!

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Dirk Nuary: As always, no clear winner here.

Yake, I agree! I've been shooting Canon SLRs for close on 40 years ;-)
The 5D2 is still sufficient for many many pros, and gives fabulous quality.
The 5D4 takes us to another level from 5D2 and 5D3, enabling more possibilities in lower light and higher resolution. A very nice cool sexy fabulous camera ;-)

Sony have better sensors at the moment, and those that want that absolute best sensor quality are right to go for Sony or Nikon.

I think Canon will catch up soon, and as we know, the sensor is a very important element of IQ, but not the only one. Ergonomics, focusing, lenses, etc...

Maybe it's good overall that Canon is a tad behind on sensors, as if they weren't, where would the competition be? Remember when the first 5D came out, and Neither Nikon nor Sony knew what a FF DSLR was? Heehee, just teasing... ;-)

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Dirk Nuary: As always, no clear winner here.

I agree that Canon should be doing better, but I suspect they simply can't with the sensors at the moment.
They've developped DPAF, which works really well, and their touch screen implementation is the better one.
I'm sure they're dying to catch up or go ahead on the sensors, but Sony beat them flat out to the BSI technology, and good for them.
The 5D4 is a fabulous camera, and that says a lot for Sony and Nikon that can best it in some areas.
It would be so interesting to see how things would sway back and forwards and mix so much more if all the lenses had a common mount !
And what if Canon gave up on sensors and put the Sony one in a 5D5??? Boy would that sell! ;-)

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janist74: And how the 3 cameras compare if we use the back LCD for C-AF?

I think this advantage of the mirrorless cameras is underestimated....

Kris, Liveview is mirrorless, where Canon's DPAF is now very fast indeed.
Nikon lags behind in this, but will surely catch up soon.

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Sean65: I think the results are more than conclusive -

Men - Nikon
Women - Canon
LGBT - Sony

OMG, I'm a bloke shooting Canon, quick, do I put on a dress or switch to Nikon?

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Dirk Nuary: As always, no clear winner here.

No, they should not be cheapskates and use the fastest cards in each machine, like any pro would do.

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Why oh why do some guys doing videos think it's ok to use annoying music?

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Dirk Nuary: As always, no clear winner here.

It did surprise many that the SD card slot in the Canon is not as fast as it could be, but having said that, use a fast CF card and buffer problems evaporate.
If you get a Canon, just make sure you budget in a nice fast CF card ;-)

Well done Nikon on this aspect.

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Not surpising when you look at the M6 specs, and excellent camera. Same sensor as in 80D (highest pixel density of any DSLR), fast AF and good touch screen.
After the fiasco of sluggish M1/M2/M3, Canon decided to put their best into the M series.
Now if only the M7 has the full tilt and swivel screen, it will be perfect!
Oh, and a couple of ultra wide angle L quality M series pancake lenses, please Canon?

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Sirandar: This is a good example where the highly paid people in PR departments should be earning their keep ...... but they are not pretty much in every company more or less ....

Are these PR people stupid? Probably not .... they are likely highly educated intelligent people ....... They probably stated their concerns as loudly as they could without getting fired and were told to shut the #@!% up ......

This illustrates how big companies back themselves into a corner with their own business models. Apple has been a staunch supporter of non-removable batteries and there is some logic to this BUT a non-removable battery pretty much dictates that eventually you will need to significantly throttle the phone as it ages OR intentionally Brick it.

Apple didn't want to face the consequences of their own business model so they tried to sneak the throttling in under the radar .....

Even the greenest intern would have told them this would fail ...... but they obviously didn't listen .....

Not quite Sirandar, Android phones incorporate fairly detailed battery charge and usage information that you can consult quite easily. This will tell you about battery charge, and what is using/draining it.
If you have an unpredicted crash, you can look there to see if it's battery charge related. More likely a bad contact or dodgy application.

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Raist3d: And this is a key reason why this camera didn't get traction. One of a few. This dependency on their website.

540x540 pixels

Link | Posted on Dec 9, 2017 at 18:02 UTC
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SteveNunez: I remember specifically asking if their service were to ever go down what would happen to the "Living Pictures hosting" and the response I got was that it would "always" be supported........couldn't they have found a way to have their customers continue with the living pictures hosting with another service? I bought a Lytro and this announcement has killed one of the key features the camera offers------sad!

Worth suing for a refund? ;-)

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Paul_B Midlands UK: I never have seen one of these in real life but they appear to be rolling on to Fleabay fast right now. Most seem to be advertised as hardly used, unsurprisingly. Drop the dead donkey time.

trungtran: don't get one unless you know what it produces. You can no longer post anything online, as all the refocusing goes out the window with their site. You can play with it on your PC and get a very low res screenshot.
As an interacting app on your PC it might keep someone amused. If you want to grab JPGs, you'll have to be satisfied with... 0.25Mpixels! (first Lytro)
As a conversation piece ? Maybe for five bucks.

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Steve Sanacore: IMO this camera was trying to solve a problem that didn't exist. It used esoteric names for nothing more than a bunch of lenses focused different distances with a bunch of little sensors. At least that was my understanding. Same goes for their high end video cameras, I just don't see a need for them.

Steve Sanacore: HowaboutRAW is right, it is a nifty technology, recording light and directions, so that it can really be refocused. The cost of that is large files with a small resolution (only 540x540 pixels on first lytro!). So you get a gimmicky little camera with a very small touch screen to view and refocus, or you have to upload them to the lytro web site and view them from there (via link if 'integrated' in your site) where their app does the refocusing work.
Their whole marketing was about viewing on the web via their site.
Today no Lytro site? No viewing on the web! Rip-off or what?

Link | Posted on Dec 9, 2017 at 17:44 UTC

Inovative technology, but so much hype on the first Lytro, masking the fact you end up with viewing no more than a 540x540 pixel image, and dependant on their online app on their web site for the neat but limited refocusing part. No more online app? Shame on them.

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It's not april the first, is it?

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LOL, nothing arbitrary about "Full Frame" being adopted as 'a sensor the same size as a frame of 35mm film' in the SLR/DSLR world, most seem quite happy with that definition as compared to a part frame sensor or crop sensor.

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tinternaut: Wasn't a feature length movie shot with iPhones equipped with an anamorphic lens attachment?

Olympus had the balls to shoot an ad for the old E-PL1, using E-PL1s, and showed the rigging they used as part of the add. I don't think anyone realistically expects you could shoot a professional ad with a handheld iPhone or top end Android device.

Slouch - Yes, I am so sorry, I meant to say balderdash!

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