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Robert La Palme: For some time on this site, they put too much effort to cover "any gadget" that is able to take pictures as phones or tablets.

It will be what next? Fisher-Price cameras? Rear-view cameras for car?

I thought this site was talking about thing made primary for photography.

As I understand it this part of DP Review is specifically to talk about mobile devices and such. Given that brief, certainly the new iPhones (however unexciting) are fair game.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2013 at 22:34 UTC

I've had photos taken with my iPhone 4S shown in galleries and printed up to 20"x20".

It used to be that Apple was the leader when it came to both phone camera hardware and software technology. Clearly this is no longer the case.

Like many users, I'm considering trying something different. The Nokia 1020 looks good enough for Hipstamatic among others, but I wonder if ultimately people like me who are looking for the highest possible image quality with smartphone interface and sharing might be better with something like the Sony QX100 and forgetting the arms race between cell phone manufacturers.

Ultimately it'll be a long time before any cell phone camera is going to match a dedicated high-end P/S or DSLR for image quality.


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If the image quality is up to the standard of the previous DP Merrills, this will be a great camera for professionals who need this focal length.

Usability has really improved since the original DP1. I've owned a few DP models over the years, and the DP2 Merrill is the first whose handling and overall responsiveness feels competitive with other brands' recent efforts.

In terms of per-pixel sharpness, the DP Merrills beat any APS-C sensor cameras out there, regardless of price or size.

As for the cost of buying three Merrills? Consider the cost of owning a Fuji X-E1 or X-Pro1 with the three available primes (which happen to be approximately the same effective focal lengths); it's the same, or actually slightly more, in cost plus you're still left with just one camera body.

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