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CopCarSS: Meanwhile, Hasselblad has announced plans to sue Polaroid for infringing upon their square format. Upon hearing that, Rolleiflex announced plans to sue Hasselblad for the same infringement of shape. And Kodak is suing Rolleiflex. No one, however, is choosing to sue Kodak given that the only assets left are a case of bottled City of Rochester water and some prototype models of a new Super 8 camera, which no one really wants.

ooooh new super 8 !!!

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ZilverHaylide: Polaroid's action is just predatory capitalism at work, which is what capitalism has too often become these days. No need to innovate or compete, instead either monopolize or litigate, sometimes both. There should be an international regulatory body that would always nip this crap in the bud, but sadly, such s#!t is too often the norm, first enabled by politicians in the pocket of business, then given the stamp of approval by patent-trademark offices, and finally legitimized by the lackey courts and trade regulatory bodies.

By the way, no one here (except me) should write in traditional complete sentences -- I'm trademarking the use of a capital letter at the start, and the period at the end of sentences.

But did the PTO grant you the trademark (or the "trade dress rights" ) ?

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minababe: I don't see anything wrong with this. If a commercial photographer wants to exploit a place for profit, the place should be allowed some sort of compensation in return.

Commercial shooting means the company is there to make money. If it was a movie crew at a private home, they would be paying a fee to film. If the City has a commercial asset, there is no reason they shouldn't get market value for it.

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Cariboou: Here in London Ontario, if you go to see a hockey game, and take some pictures..... They told me you can't take a pictures with Nikon D200, because is a Pro camera.... well so they lose someone that planned of go there often! I think was very silly

it's a hockey arena, not your living room.

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And now there's no more photography, it's all photo-realism.

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cgarrard: Is it just me, or is it crazy that all these new lenses for mirrorless are just way too ...huge?

It seems an obvious point to make, but here goes anyways ...

Every system has a useability sweet spot, and a wider capability envelope.
There is no point in limiting the capability, based on individual perceptions of "should be".

If I have a collection of bodies and worklfows that I am normally productive and happy with, when using my PL 15/1.7 Pana 20/1.7 Pana 100-300, etc. then when the day comes that I need 16/1.4, mechanical MF, high mft, low distortion, I am happy that I can accomodate that by simply adding a lens, rather than firing up a whole new system.

The fundamental property of MFT isn't that it's compact ( and there is a huge range of lenses that support that use case) but that it is an interchangeable lens system.

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First, I need to see the test chart shots showing that the out-of-focus highlights and uncorrected spherical aberrations are accuarately rendered, as compared with the original version.

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The Fuji f30 was the one that got away (initially). By time I decided to buy it, the F41 had come out, and there was no stock. But I did find a used F31, a few years later. Why Fuji never built a G3/5 competitor with this sensor, I'll never understand.

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User2395136740: Comparing the A9, which is an expensive example of FF, is misleading. Surely, a better comparison would be between the A7ii and the A6500 which both retail for a similar price. There is no reason to choose crop sensor on price alone these days.

Sure, go with the A7 so that people can complain that a better camera, like the A9 is more representative of FF and would produce much more noticable differences.

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adengappasami: Finally. Now we can skip those that are posted with the orange tag and concentrate or articles from DPR.

Thanks for helping us ignore paid nonsense and look at reading DPR original articles

I don't like to judge based on labels. The content is helpfull.

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cosinaphile: sets off a nostalgia within me for the 2nd digital camera i ever really loved: the canon s50 in black ...really nice files and an excellent lens this is what dp review said back in 2003 in a review:

"Thanks to Sony's 1/1.8" five mp CCD sensor the S50 becomes 'yet another' digital camera originally designed for the 1/1.8" four mp sensor and quickly upgraded to continue to compete in the (ever more ridiculous) megapixel race."

lol.... thank god the manufacturers didn't listen or my xpro2 might have 5 mp

ps the first digital camera i loved was the ricoh rdc7

You're quoting the S50 review. Why ? And do you really think that's what Phil was saying with that statement.

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FelixC2013: Why is DPR even posting stuff like this? Where does this post meet any one of you criteria in your mission statement? Does it have anything to do with photography? Nope. It is a cool video of some a-hole but there are plenty of sites that he will get press from.

Or are you guys trying to be like Petapixel which posts tons of crap like this? Your site was more respected than some of the other sites, but I think you guys lost some of your mojo now.

The "old DPR" would be dead due to irrelvance if it were still with us. Adapt or die.

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Rick Knepper: Coincidentally, today I was reading about Brandi Mueller who discovered and photographed an airplane graveyard among the Marshall Islands 130 feet below the surface. At the end of WW II, the U.S. Navy did not want to transport over 150 planes back to the States, so they dumped them overboard. Not quite like medical waste, but still.

The pic above IS heart-wrenching.

Cars as Reefs only makes environmental sense if all of the plastic, rubber, silicon, oil, lubricants, fluids, fabric, toxic trace metals are removed first.

Do you think the Navy did that ?

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MediaArchivist: "...focus and aperture controls are all handled manually."

If the aperture is fixed at f/8, what controls are there for "aperture controls"?

@gozalu, he means that on a M/R lens, light transmission, which would normally be controlled by an aperture, is traditionally done through ND filters.

Taking a tangent, In the modern digital world, I wonder if they could implement an "exposure" ring, and wire it to the ISO setting.

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On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (736 comments in total)

The Specs page lists the body as Magnesium alloy, but the write up says plastic.

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Thorgrem: Probably developed by Konica Minolta and Sony just took the blueprints when they acquired the photo division of that company.

I would say that it is the last Alpha product that was produced without "Sonyfication" of the ergonomics & design.

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aarif: High-end ?


Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2017 at 14:23 UTC

Slow traffic day ?

Seriously though, I always appreciate an attempt to add clarity to a topic that seems to get endless abuse. It's a gentle, short & sweet synopsis of some of the more technical articles that DPR has previously posted (one of my favourites being Shot Noise).

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Indohydra: I am sorry, but there is too much missing in this story. Cameras are not broken like this due to bad luggage handling. The owner must have checked this camera in a plastic bag to an angry ape specifically trained to do this. Something very unusual, I hope, must have happened to break this camera.

@XXTwnz. I have done the same as you, and have been treated to an impromptu slam-dunk contest. Guess it's a pretty boring job sometimes ...

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M Chambers: Lesson #1, read laws about reproducing federal currency in print and digital form.

@ MChambers. Clearly you don't take your own advice.

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