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Strolic Furlan: I love the small size of this lens, it's time for Canon to give us a small wideangle zoom, the lens I envvy the most it's the Nikkor Z 14-30 f4.

I would settle for a small RF version of the EF 16-35 f4.

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GiovanniB: Slightly dull colors. Not spring-like. Especially the cold and greyish greens. But perhaps it's just the camera setting. Or maybe I'm not enlightened enough to appreciate those "magnificent Canon colors" ?

At the end of the day, it's just another 70-200 f4 which I always loved. Nothing you can take with this you couldn't have taken with any other 70-200, starting from the early 80s.

Hey I resemble that remark. I was born and lived here for 70 years.

I traded my EF 70-200 f4 L Is + my EF 85 f1.4 L in on this and would do it again. The EF 70-200 spent all its time at home but not this one. I really like using this lens at 70 years old its very easy on my body :) I traded in the 85 L because after a bit less than 2 months my right wrist was sore from the torque generated by the weight of the 85 in the front of the lens. I had the same problem with the ef 70-200 f4 IS not as bad but still there.

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Reactive: I just noticed the prices box, and am stunned. How much? For an F4 zoom? With greed like this, along with their similarly excessive R body and RF lens prices, Canon is rapidly killing the concept of amateur enthusiast photography.

This is a bit funny

The first item on Reactive's wish list is this lens. Maybe he went back and took a look :) I really like my RF 70-200 f4, its an awesome lens :)

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Leica Eye: Having visited quite a few medieval dungeons and a few modern prisons I feel these are No No places to photograph.. Your image is a good capture.. Whilst there is a need for these types of establishments, I feel that human dignity should be respected.. L

Everyone should know what happened for one very good reason

"Those who don't know the past are doomed to repeat it"

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So now I know where the damn green eggs came from in the army :)

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You should NEVER let a child put their face near a dogs face. While it may be ok with a trusted dog ( but still not 100% safe). What about a friends dog? Dogs need their own space and can react very badly if its is violated. The dog in the picture does not look happy :(

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What day is it?
Who cares ?

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I would think that an enable code entered at startup (once a day) would do the same with no added hardware. Once unlocked the camera would operate normal all day. You could also add a call home feature that would turn on wifi (over ride if needed) and phone home if too many log on failures. With Wifi and GPS you could do some cool stuff :)

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It would be nice to see how they compare to a 6D/70D, so see if its worth the money to upgrade to a camera with wifi or get an SD card? I think you missed half of the show :)

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This does seem like a copy of the Kata 3N1 series. I use the 3N1-20 the mid size version. I dont think you can have one bag fit all, I use the 3N1-20 for when I need most of my gear and the LowePro Slingshot 102 for the lite days/vacation.

Do they make different sizes of this?

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