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Kickstarter? Nope. Never again.

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ProfHankD: There are a ton of 3D-printed battery holders out there, and I generally like to see folks put their designs out for free so people can make their own. However, COVID-19 has taken away this guy's income, so I think it's cool he's come up with an alternative he can do at home. Good thinking. Incidentally, looks like a very competent 3D printable design, so congrats on that too.

Placed my order.

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They're just lazy.

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You had me until "Indigogo." A magnificently huge NO for me.

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Mark Turney: I see a lot of negative comments about the photographer's trespassing. I've always felt there's a HUGE difference between violating legalities vs violating ethics. Everyday, people do legal things all over the world which IMHO are extremely unethical ... just think Wall Street, banking and real estate.

In the case of this photographer, his violation of a property owned by some private entity ensured that the ship's (and its lost passengers') memories are preserved.

Well done 👍!

There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

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mailman88: Special access...creates special results

I've never paid a penny to shoot any of the pro sports events I've shot. I've always been on assignment.
The youngster who shot the space launches was a credentialed photojournalist on assignment.
Again, educate yourself before commenting.

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mailman88: Special access...creates special results

Jealous much postyboy?

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mailman88: I know one thing....getting that close to a rocket launch, took bigtime connections. Most likely illegal access, for a photo-op.
But the pics look great

mailman88 kindly be quiet when you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

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