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dprived prev: i know many people here or elsewhere will not like what i'm going to say but i'm saying it anyway:

please Ricoh!

please listen to my demand here as a serious semi-pro photographer who doesn't care much about large size prints but does care so much about less noise!

take the example from Nikon D4 please:

no more than 16 or 18 (or 24 at the most) mega pixels on this camera's sensor! (unless you do really have a great sensor that can handle more pixels comfortably!?)

don't sacrifice professional noiseless image *quality* for prosumer hyper *quantity* craze please!


well, re 18mp being easier to work with than 36mp, i guess the actual process is a pain, but you can crunch noise out when down sizing.

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Anastigmat: I wonder if Canon and/or Nikon will shake up the market by making its own medium format CMOS sensors, cameras and lenses.

I think Canon was making waves in the MF landscape - dont know what happened with that.

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Sdaniella: niche sensor for a niche demand, albeit with more Mp
but strictly shooting in good light (ISO 6400 cap is telltale, not really meant for true low light), it may only be scaled-up current tech (not really new), but scaled up for MF needs not too different from now, albeit a bit better for action than before. (e.g. current SONY tech)

if any mfr is going to do true low-light MF, its 44x33 mm will more come in at closer to 30-32 Mp, and offer both stills/cine-video, with clean ISOs at 25600 to 51200, or thereabouts. (scaled up current Canon tech, but it remains to be seen if they are interested in MF, since it is so much smaller a niche than even Cinematography is, and as a priority, still long way off)

so far, no mfr has seriously addressed true low light shooting for either 24 Mp or 40, never mind 50.

I doubt Canon would venture into it unless it also has MF Lenses made, too.

Hi Sdaniella, extended ISO range doesn't equate to clean high ISO, currently none of the high end FF's come near the 6400 range and deliver clean images - they all max out at +-3200, check out their DXO marks.

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tessl8d: I bought a K5 today despite my reservations about the company's direction with the K01,it's a very polarising camera. A long and extensive journey of research will be realised on delivery in a few days. Thanks to all who politely provided their considered responses earlier in the thread.

I purchased a K-5 in Nov last year and love it to bits, the main winners are - everything- it is awesome, if you get wr lenses it's great for taking out into the rain and shooting fantastic shots. I had no idea I could love a machine so much, that and it is built like a tank when compared to other brands in its price range...the sensor knocks my socks off every time I take some photos in less than awesome light. I hope that you are not disappointed and doubt that you will be.

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