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Jim Evidon: The Foveon sensor is top of the class in sharpness, but it has pretty much stood still in other areas such as color output, WB, and range of light, etc. Add that to the asking price of over $2300 just for the body and it becomes a camera for the very few that love the Foveon output and must have the camera. Not everyone's cup of tea, I'm afraid. The DP Review photo examples ( see appendix tests part 6 ) , if accurate, demonstrate that the Sigma sd Quattro H runs out of noiseless imaging above ISO 400 which is pretty sad these days. Even my M9 goes to ISO800 before noise starts to creep in and that camera is several years and probably 3 camera generations old.
My Leica T and Olympus Pen F are still singing above ISO1600. Come on Sigma, I know you can do it. Try harder!

But your Leica doesn't have 39/51 Megapixels so how is that comparison usefull?

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (646 comments in total)

Actually i think the High-ISO rating is quite unfair.

I know APS-C Cameras (like the A77) with less megapixels performing about the same level and getting better ratings.

Considering the MP Size and the Sensor size (51 Megapixel on APS-H) the Noise Level is actually pretty good and, at worst, on average level.

Sure there are no Bayer APS-H Sensors with 51 Megapixels but if, they wouldn't perform better.

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After testing it for more than a half year, and hating it a lot in the beginning, i switched completely to Foveon Technology more than a year ago and never regret it.

Sure it is not as easy to capture images as with other cameras, but in the End, its the image that counts, not the way it was created. And the image in the end is better. That sums up pretty much everything.

But im one of the rare species who do not need 1/3200s ISO 1600 on a bright day with an 50mm f/1.4 Lense and so im fine shooting at ISO 100 98% of the time and ISO 200-400 1,9% of the time.

There is only 0.1% of the time where im kinda lost with my Sigma, but on the other hand 99,9% of the time i have the best image quality available. Thats what counts for me.

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I upgraded from Compact to APS-C, from APS-C to FullFrame and after non of the available FullFrame Cameras meet my needs, i switched back to APS-C.

Its all about what you need. If the camera which is best for you uses an 1" Sensor, than you should use this.

Im gonna upgrade to APS-H because the successor of my camera offers this, if it would offer FullFrame, i would go FullFrame. But it doesnt and other FullFrames arent what i need, so...

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It may be worth of notice that the flares can be kept lower if the sun is blocked by the hand.

Also which should be mentioned that other lenses which show less flares, also show much less contrast and colors.

Zeiss obviously decided to allow some flares to keep contrast and colors at an higher level.

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GeorgeP71: Not meant for old fashioned self professed photographers! Must think of NEW WAYS TO OPTIMISE WHAT THIS TECHNOLOGY HAS TO OFFER.
For a start STOP thinking in terms of PRINTING the images. Instead interact with them on UHD (4K) 55" plus monitor. Now you are talking!

UHD (4k)???

4K is 8,2 Megapixel.

The Lytro only have 5 Megapixel, that would look mushy.

Also most people who buy an UHD Screen wants to watch Video which the Lytro is also not capable of.

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> and the Sony A58, which isn't an SLR at all

It is, who said something different? DSLR doesnt implicit that the mirror have to flip up.

The new SLTs like the a77II are also advertised as Translusent Mirror DSLR.

Right now the a58 is the cheapest of all of those cameras (380 € with kit lense in germany) and offers the most features, incl. MFNR and 100% Large Viewfinder (about the size of an fullframe camera).

Also Sony offers very good cheap primes like the 35mm f/1.8 and the 50mm f/1.8 for less than 300 €

Also with the 55-300mm Sony is the only one who offers a premium telephoto lense for APS-C

Also they are the only one with Image Stabilisation with every lense (even with fast primes like the 35mm f/1.8), that feature alone should have been enough to get the first place.

Im tired to see Canon and Nikon win for no reason, really.

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On article Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1027 comments in total)

Is everyone of you really not able to read?

"JPEG Tone Curves / Dynamic Range"

They are testing the Dynamic Range of the JPEG and so in fact testing the JPEG Engine.

They are testing the JPEG Software on the Firmware of the Camera.

This test have absolutely nothing to do with the Dynamic Range of the sensor.

So the D4s have worse JPEG Engine than the OMD-EM1 have, that _doesnt_ mean the D4s have less Dynamic Range at all!

But it should be mentioned that the Toshiba Sensors in Nikon Cameras have less DR than the Sony Sensors have, thats why the D800 have more DR than the D4(s), even if it produces more noise.

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Thanks god im minimalistic.

a99 + 24-70 f/2.8 + 70-200 f/2.8 + 14mm f/2.8

all into a 20 € amazon camera bag which is smaller than a typical travel bag.

I often go into the mountain or caves or whatever with this bag, never had any problems.

Sometimes i exchange the 70-200 for the 35mm f/1.4, but when i put the air blower in the front of the bag, i can even also take the 35mm with me.


I dont have any muscle sickness. Its no problem to carry 3,5-4kg on my back. If you have any, better shoot MFT

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When i started photography with compact cameras i taken photos 100% like this and was bashed what a crappy noob i am... funny to see that people actually make money with this crappy noob stuff.

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xpatUSA: The procedure did not work in ACR 5.4 for Foveon X3F files. No matter where I put the .dcp profile on the HD, it was not shown in the ACR tab - only "embedded". Not being a great lover of Adobe anyway, I gave up on that - being most unwilling to include DNG in my workflow.

With a Foveon Sensor you most likely dont need this thing anyway.

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On article Get more accurate color with camera calibration (245 comments in total)

After several tests i can summarize that you dont have any advantage using this on a Sigma SD1.

If i take a completely uncalibrated Test-photo of the Color Checker with the Sony a99 and the Sigma SD1, the Sigma already shows all colors correct where the a99 seems obviously to change the colors to somewhat liking i dont know.

So for the Sigma owners, you most likely dont have any advantage as you already have a good camera.

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Mescalamba: Wonder why they think Sony users wouldnt like to have VC as option.. Sure in 24-70 difference between stabilised sensor vs lens isnt big, still for movies its nice option..

yes, price is sometimes even higher without OS/IS/VC so i dont get it why it should be without for sony.

And until now i wasnt able to get SteadyShot working in the View finder, it only affects if you take the photo or the movie so it would help a lot with manual focusing.

Also the objective IS is specialised for the focal length. Sony tells you can have 4,5 more aperture with steady shot, sigma with the 18-250 tells maximum 3

my sigma 18-250 have the better IS then the in-body steady shot (it least in my Sony A77)

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Lol Canon told something about 75% less noise? A bad joke

really guys, 3500 € for a "slightly improvement"? A slightly improvement is a free firmware upgrade but not a new camera for 3500 €

The Nikon noises the same, have 36MP and cost less xD that is just bad at all..

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The SP Lenses of Tamron (according to DxO (for sure both tested on the same body)) are the same quality than the L-Lenses of canon (1-3% tolerance, but cost only a 1/3 or even a 1/4.

This is a SP Lense too so i hope to see Canons ass kicked (they create awesome cameras for an awesome price but the L-Lenses are just exorbitant expensive)

Too sad that Tamron only have a handfull of lenses and only some of them are SP, but in the end, im lucky about one more =)

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