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lilBuddha: ISTM, diversify.Photo is merely seeking to give voice to those who have been marginalised. Whether by racism or ignorance.
Why anyone should have issue with this, outside of racists of course, is interesting.

A few notes:

Race does not exist, but racism does because race is Perceived to exist by some and people are judged by their perceived race. Extending this, people naturally group to others they perceive as part of their group. Projects like diversity.Photo seek to expand the definition of what that group includes.

People in the dominant group have difficulty seeing institutionalised racism
Because it does not affect them negatively.
Because they are not, or do not think they are, racist.
Because they think they achieved strictly on merit.

Right, race does not exist.

And the male genital is a social construct.

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In the Raw: Imagine this...a wide print, maybe 24" by 10" high. It's a white empty room, with a small round table in the middle, on it is a half empty wine bottle with a red rose in it. Now put John Lennon on the extreme right, with his nose almost touching the edge of the frame, looking out with a pensive expression. Or an excited one.

Would that be a bad composition?

Yeah, it would be. If only because John Lennon was grossly overrated.

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Morpho Hunter: Interestingly, it looks like this camera can be fitted with an accessory motordrive/grip (see gold contacts, and a location hole to the right of the body). See:


I wonder how good it will be for macrophotography....


How could you possibly do macro with a camera assembly that has 16 lens/sensor pairs all in different places? Matters less for distant subjects, but a right in front of the device? I don't think so.

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glennwithtwo: Nice camera - only three things wrong: there's no grip, it doesn't have a grip, and the grip is missing.

And just to finish this up, just read on Thom Hogan's blog, "there are no positions either on the body bottom or inside the battery chamber for addition control connections."


So there you have it. No third party grips either. Ever.

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glennwithtwo: Nice camera - only three things wrong: there's no grip, it doesn't have a grip, and the grip is missing.

And how do you know the contacts inside the battery compartment are actually there? It's not like they're needed for the battery.

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glennwithtwo: Nice camera - only three things wrong: there's no grip, it doesn't have a grip, and the grip is missing.

There will be no third-party grips, because, tadaa ... the body no longer has contacts for the grip controls to connect to.

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LF Photography: Seriously? I'm supposed to entrust my images to a company that's notorious for shutting down it's services without warning? Nope. Not even if it was the best photo cloud service on the planet. Which it isn't.

You get what you pay for. Oh, wait...

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PanoMax: Doesn't seem to rotate in small increments to correct for un-levelness.
FAIL. Maybe for Bobble heads only. ;-)

Also, for rotation by angles other than multiples of 90 degrees, you'd have to interpolate, which compromises image quality.

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Seriously, people, this is very simple.

If you think writing the post was illegal, put your money where your mouth is and file charges.

If writing the post was legal but you don't like it, tough luck.

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Over 1000 shots between the two of them, and what, 60 keepers? Most tourists do better than that... We all did, when we still shot film and had to pay for each picture :-)

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Haven't read this book, but own McNally's other two. Both very good reads, so I have high hopes for this one, too. If you don't expect a manual, his writing tends to be very entertaining, and you still learn a lot without even knowing it.

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ALFREDofAVALON: The objections really have nothing to do with patriotism, but quality - aesthetics, visual grammar, protocol and respect are enough, without even bringing up the subject of patriotism and/or your disdain for patriotism.

His work is not inspiring, indeed. And if any subject should be depicted in an inspiring way, new, fresh, unique or otherwise, it is these athletes who are the very tops in human athletic achievement.

Who the heck thinks they have the right to denigrate their achievement with debasing them as common, by way of humiliating photographic depictions, under the phony guise of "unique or fresh?" They are anything but common. They are heroes, whether you acknowledge that or not. These Olympians have proven their mettle. They are in a VERY exclusive club.

Olympic Portraits are not really the place for photographers (or art directors) to contemplate their navels with the drivel of "fine art" absurdism and purposely offensive imagery.

What's so special about running around in a circle, even if you can do it really, really fast?

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On photo Boat in the Reflections challenge (7 comments in total)

Great shot!

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Hmm. I didn't vote here, but maybe the low scores came from people who realized that this is a montage?

santamonica812 wrote:
> Not only a great composition, it's one of the best examples of matching a photo to a particular challenge. A well-deserved win. I'd only like to see the identities of the 0.5 and 1.0 voters made public . . . astonishing votes and an embarrassment for them.
> Bravo again. My only wish re the photograph is that you had included some background information.

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