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On article Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary (596 comments in total)

Here I find that Olympus cameras are most popular and there is no mention of Niklon except D4s, does it mean that my love for Nikon as D7000, D7100 and D800 is misplaced? I was planning to buy D800 ( I have D7100) but I may have to change my mind if it does not come near Olympus cameras. Can someone correct me?

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On article Choosing a photo printer (16 comments in total)

The article starts with reviews and previews and selection of printer/s but sadly it ends in the advertisement of EPSON printers. Does the printer world starts and end with only EPSON printers? My experience with EPSON PRINTERS is the EPSON printers are par excellence but the cartridges cost a fortune and the give very very less prints than claimed by EPSON. Secondly the nozzles are in the machine and if the nozzles block then the printer is a scrap. I have four such scrap printers. I have gone back to old faithful HP.

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I have learnt a lot and acquired great knowledge from comments. If comments are banned then I will not visit those sites.

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guizai: At least Hassy should be honest label this is a Sony camera with Hasselblad attachment hand grip.

Hi ABM Barry - I am from India and I say that your remarks are despicable. You must be a German as it appears from your diatribe. Please understand even though India is a third world country we will not cheat by attaching a extremely ugly wooden handle to a top of the line (?) product. If I make a handle for this product then I will make it out of SANDAL WOOD. Sandal wood will give the fragrance for the lifetime of user, also the same Sandalwood handle will last a few hundred years although the camera and user and manufacturer might be in the grave.

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On article Best DSLRs and ILCs for less than $1000 (271 comments in total)

Ihave Nikon D7000 and Nikon lenses.I am facing focussing problem with Nikon micro lens 105mm, f/2.8 G IF-ED VR lens in Auto mode. Can you please tell me in general which method will give best results - Auto focus or Manual focus. All the Nikon lenses included.

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On photo Spear Fishing in the My best picture this week challenge (10 comments in total)
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JKP: Diving bird captures flying fish :) Nice shot.

Hi - but the bird is not hunting for pleasure like humans, the bird's killing the fish is for survival.

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It is wonder why everyone is making fund of 'made in China' products. Most of the Nikon cameras and lenses which I purchased in USA are made in Thailand. Next wonder is I purchased Nikon 105 mm, f/2.8G, IF- ED VR micro lens from B&H in USA for about $ 900 and that too is made in China!. The lens gives super results. My question is has anyone got this micro lens made in Japan for comparison. If the answer is 'no' then do not blame Chinese products.

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djmm: If I send my camera battery back to Nikon, can I still take pictures without battery inside the camera?

Hi d -- you could have asked that you want to send camera to Nikon and take pictures with the battery. Please take it as a joke.

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On article The what and why of wildlife macro photography (46 comments in total)

Really stunning pictures. The author could have given brass tacks data. I have Nikon7000 camera plus Nikkor 105mm ED VR AFS f/2.8 G lens but I fail to get good pics. It might need a lot of patience and also some learning as use of tripod and correct focusing and correct distance from the object. Any further teaching is most welcome.

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Francis Carver: Olympus = front for the Yakutza. Simple, really.

Anyhow, now I finally understand how come Olympus is charging $800 for a 4/3 lens weighing only 130 grams. They have gotta recoup that 2 billion dollars somehow, after all.

If the lenses are sold on weight then Nikon will make huge profit. Nikon macro (or micro in Nikon parlance) weigh a few kilos and the new version cameras also weigh kilos. so be ready to pay by weight irrespective of quality.

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