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What a terrible tragedy.

I've flown on similar flights over NYC and in Botswana. There are critical rules to be followed, mainly, NO loose items in the cockpit - no bags, no changing of battery/lens/card, camera strapped to the body, no loose clothing etc.

You also do not lean over the other passenger, the pilot will always come back for a pass on your side.

The harness IIRC has always been simple, like a car's seat belt, with one-click release mechanism. Maybe scary but if you don't have anything that can press that button accidentally, you are safe and most importantly, as in this tragedy, it allows for a quick getaway.

This illustrates the risks we expose ourselves to in our quest for images, including sailing in small ships in a turbulent Arctic.

In any case, she who must be obeyed has now banned me from any such flights :-(

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On article Canon India teases 'something big' coming soon (144 comments in total)

Read the blurb again 'Get your camera ready, something BIG is coming'. Then look at the camera body in the teaser which is a 1-series. This clearly means the new gadget is NOT a camera but a lens. Now, since the word 'big' is where the accent is, it means a big lens. The 1-series suggests it would not be cheap since it is probably aimed at pros or advanced amateurs/enthusiasts.

All adds up to a new 100-400L or similar. I for one cannot wait. Sick of my buddy shoving his new Nikon 80-400 MkII in my face every time we go out to shoot.

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