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Harry33: Not yet so amazing though.
According to Ken Wheeler the software does not work. He tried this with the Fuji software (Pixel Shift Combiner) and also with Capture One. Neither worked.
See here is the You Tube link to Theoria Apophasis test:

bernadlang, do you have some raw files you could upload and share at Google drive?

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martijn86: It has been a while since I have tried several FOSS RAW processors. Did any of them ever put some attention towards X-trans processing? Aside from the fact that almost all FOSS has terrible UX design, getting inconsistent and unreliable results with Fuji camera's made it not even an option to consider them any further.


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PaulSnowcat: Tried it a bit. Of course I try the most hard things out there - Shadows/Highlights adjustment, Noise removing... Unfortunately DT is not even near where DXO is regarding those things... So thanks, but no... I see no point switching to DT...

If you mean shadow/highlight module that one is old. The new stuff is filmic RGB and tone equalizer. No more halos.

As for NR you have also wavelets to choose.

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nflanders2: I downloaded Darktable for the first time and it looks interesting. At first glance it looks like a Lightroom (Classic) clone, but the handling is quite different. I think, once one got used to the module concept, it will be really powerful.

I can't say much about the output quality (just tried some simple example photos), but it is muuuuch slower than Lightroom on my machine (Macbook Pro). The UI is also not very refined and feels clunky compared to LR (even compared to Lightroom Classic).

GPU speeds up darktable. It is fast with RTX 2080 and GTX 1060. If I export 500 pictures RTX 2080 will do the main work. Meanwhile GTX 1060 will help me to continue editing other raw files.
If you don't use OpenCL or your GPU is slow it helps to activate the heavy modules at the end, for example NR.

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greenlens: No doubt it's a great product for all open source users. It has few dependencies and builds very well on a common architecture. Unfortunately, lens profile depends solely on the lensfun package which is poorly supported at the moment. Otherwise great new release of an excellent photography package.

Just take the pictures you need for lens calibration and send them in. Easy.

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KevinStarr: I wonder how well it handles Pentax pixel shift images ?


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Ed Wren: Would’ve been nice to get a Magic Lantern release for any cameras in the EOS-M line besides the original M, but I guess there was never the developer interest.

7D has Dual Digic and it is possible to use ML with it.

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Ed Wren: Would’ve been nice to get a Magic Lantern release for any cameras in the EOS-M line besides the original M, but I guess there was never the developer interest.

M3, M5, M6, M10 and M100 use Powershot firmware. ML will not work but CHDK works with M3.
M50 uses EOS firmware. Give it a year or two and maybe we have ML for M50.

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dirkmichael: Dear Canon, how could you be so stupid not to support CR2 Files ! This DPP Express App does not make any sense for a professional photographer. I will delete it just after one test ... ShutterSnitch and Lightroom Mobile is the way to go !
I am really surprised how bad you treat you customers. Thinking about the canceling of my Canon R order because you customer treatment is many me angry ! Still like my two 1DX MKII and don't like my two 5D MKV

Actually even D2000 and D6000 before D30, but then you will need the CR2 converter.

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marc petzold: Gimp 2.9.x are all experimental, unstable Releases. The final stable will be 2.10.x, and atm, the Gimp 2.10-RC2 is being current, which means Release Candidate 2.
Perhaps the Gimp developers bring another RC3, or even more...before the final, stable 2.10 Release. True 16bit TIF support was badly needed, and the main reason, i dumped Gimp many years ago from my workflow. Besides this, i do know Gimp from the 90's and have used it way many years onto my Linux rig.

I have used 2.9.1 and newer until now. No issues with my computer.

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Cornu: Went from CS2 to Gimp long ago when I needed 4 color separation euroscale for an ad, which was easily available for the Gimp at that time. No regrets, no re-learning on every update.

Me too. Went from CS2 to GIMP. I use GIMP 2.9 now. Stable on my computer.

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