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On article Canon patents 400mm F5.6 catadioptric 'mirror' lens (220 comments in total)
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nir-vana: The problems mentioned are not the main drawback of these lenses.
The real problem is the poor image quality of all mirror lenses available for ilc's.
In most cases you'd better take a shorter lens (like 70-300) crop it to the same magnification and still have better IQ.
Let's hope Canon will surprise us and make it different :)

I've tested this between my Soligor 500mm f8 cat and both a 200mm f2.8 prime and a zoom at 200mm f4.8 on its long end. In both cases, I get better IQ and image acuity by cropping a 200mm shot than with the 500mm cat. That said, I the cat has a slight advantage on weight and manual focusing (larger barrel so larger focusing ring, plus it has a finer focusing pitch), so sometimes I prefer it for its rapid shooting times (camera to eye, focus, shoot). But when I need IQ, prime glass rules.

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Najinsky: I browse more and more on the iPad, and visit sites that are not iPad friendly less and less. At the moment, using DPR on the iPad is a half experience. I can't load photos to my galleries, and more importantly I can't use various widgets, like the test scene comparison.

The iPad is not like a mobile phone, the new one has a higher quality and higher resolution screen than most laptops and a fair number of desktops. It's a great device for enjoying photography and I'd really like if you supported it better.

Or better yet - a dedicated app iPad app. I keep about 10000 of my best photos on my iPad, arranged in various albums for quick access and comparison (oh, if only the iPad had Aperture's smart folders and search capability) - it is fast becoming my Photographer's Memory. Imagine a DPR app that could automatically sift thru your on-tablet photo library to pull out your shots taken in similar lighting and/or camera settings as a photo you're viewing on DPR - eg all my EV=4 shots taken on the tele end on my PowerShot G11. A very powerful and personal way to compare the latest and greatest hardware with that you have experience with.

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