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    I would say, bring on the 150-400 F/4.5. I think that's where the IQ will be, but it will also be darn expensive and made for different people for sure. All the best and I'm not convinced about ...
  • I live for shots like that. I only hope in my lifetime to get one like that ;-) Stunning and congrats.

  • Ha, love it. We don't get it as bad now on the new cameras. The E-M1 was a bit of a shocker for it when it happened, mind you it didn't really happen that much. All the best and still a beauty shot ...
  • Up to your normal std Ron. Brilliant shots and work. Nice to see the gear being used at its best. You are enjoying up there huh ;-) Nice to see mate. Totally different subjects for you and still ...
  • Missed these. Just stunning little bird and shots. Nice details in there and well done. The 1.4x TC is a darn good one for sure. I should use it more often. All the best and glad I got to see ...
  • Very nicely done. Love the angle on the second shot. With the moon and m4/3, you won't fill the frame with 800mm. You need over double that. All the best and enjoy the 100-400. Danny.
  • This is going to be great fun to watch :) :) :) Oh how right you are mate. Danny.
  • What a champion. I had a mate in the US, Florida. He shot from a wheelchair fairly often. It makes all my problems seem like small ones Guy. Great to see and thanks Guy. Danny.
  • I focus manually and use a fast shutter speed of around 1/2000 - 1/4000. ISO I use 320-400. Using the 500mm at F/4.5 to get the faster shutter speeds. Others of course will have totally different ...
  • For some of those shots I used the Panasonic 45-200 with the Raynox DCR-250 on the Panasonic G2 camera. So any new m4/3 camera would work just fine. All the best. Danny.
  • First time I've ever heard of one or seen one. Stunning bird and just as stunning shot. Love it.

  • Exactly mate. If it works, then that's what you use. Mainly I go for BIF's and for that while turning the focus ring, I really do need a slow burst. I've seen comments in here where a single shot ...
  • I'm not sure why anyone would hates bursts Trevor. I use bursts all the time, but generally slow bursts of around 5FPS. Fast bursts doesn't suit what I use, but for sports and wildlife shooters, ...
  • Replied in Awww, magic
    All great shots, but this one ........magic. Excellent single shot display series. Danny.
  • Replied in Sony?
    Now that you mention it, Sony might not be bad at all. The most important part of an Oly camera is already made by Sony. Good idea. Danny.
  • Replied in Not Sigma
    Hmmm. I would go with the company with a ton of money behind them and has helped Oly before, the company that makes the most accurate and fastest AF in mirrorless and who already makes sensors for ...
  • Well anything under a 300 F/2.8 is ultra wide angle. So you actually like small lenses ;-) On my Sony's and m4/3 goes the 300 F/2.8, 500 F/4.5 and the 800 F/5.6. And you reckon you are a big guy, ...
  • Replied in Very easy.
    Then don't. That was easy :) Danny.
  • :-) :-) Yep ;)
  • No you don't have that mode on your camera. It came out with the E-M1 MKII. The buffer before it fills with FPS, depends on the camera. Slower bursts can take a long time to fill the buffer, while ...
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