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  • So is there something wrong with your 7D MKII. Do you have to get into mirrorless all of a sudden. Could it be the dreaded GAS in effect. I honestly can't see the rush, better to get it right IMO. ...
  • Replied in Is there a rush
    The last thing they should do is rush out camera bodies IMO. Take the time and get it right, especially with an up spec body. A lower spec body, well nobody wants to see that in here, but it makes ...
  • :-) Drama queen post your one for sure. LOL. What 600mm lens weighs 100lb ?  :-) Maybe 7lb and I doubt you've used one or seen one, let alone need one. All the best and thanks for the smiles just ...
  • Replied in Click !!
    The shutter opens, the shutter closes. Just love the sound of the .... "CLICK !!". Silent shutter spoils it for me, give me the CLICK damn it. The same lens used on all shots, Canon FD 500 F/4.5, ...
  • Replied in :-)
    Interesting post, but I'm not sure where to start, so I won't :-) I'll leave you with your beliefs and nice to see you are happy. That's the important thing I guess and not so much about what ...
  • If those are real Zebra skins, then he's a darn creep. I would take that lens of his anyday over what m4/3 has Henry, but then I would mount it on m4/3. M4/3 don't make a 500 F4L. Be nice if they did.
  • Been using EVF's for a long time now George, so it's actually hard to remember :-) I use only manual focus tele lenses, so an EVF it had to be really with the benefits they hold for MF. After a ...
  • I would imagine it's already on the board. APS-C and tele lenses make an excellent solution to crop vs tele range. I use both APS-C and FF along with m4/3, if I could only have one format, it ...
  • Replied in Very nice
    If they are thinking before the Olympics, it makes sense and of course a sports spec body to go with it. Times are great for Canon, well worth keeping an eye on for sure. Excellent news if it ...
  • Very interesting that idea. I've wondered for a long time why companies have backed away on 500 F/5.6 and 600 F/5.6. 400 F/5.6 is just a little too short here with FF. On FF if sharp wide open (no ...
  • I don't want to go first because I might suggest a Nikon D500 and a Nikon 200 - 500. So I bags not to go first. Danny.
  • Commented on photo Memphis Belle in the Boeing challenge

    Congrats G, excellent shot. Well deserved this one, love the details and the angle.

  • Replied in Na
    I would use the 500 F/4.5 with the selfie stick ;-) :-) The 800 F/5.6 would a stupid option though ;-)
  • Still a darn good camera and I could make good use of it for sure. It's up against some stiff competition though, so just for a fun guess ........ 84% Silver. Nothing wrong with that IMO. Danny.
  • Plenty of switches for adjustments, tripod mount. Phew that's nice for sure. So what would happen if we could mount that Sony 70-200 F/4 on the m4/3 body? What would the focal length become? Does ...
  • Bring back the Air A01 Danny.
  • Replied in Gees Mark
    You would have to be one of the finest ....... if not the finest macro shooters I've ever come across. Simply magic natural macro shots you take and amazing subjects as well. Consistently so close ...
  • Replied in That's neat
    Maybe we should just post and not comment in this thread, but I can't help it :-) That is one very neat shot !! and that's from a bird shooter. Just love that shot and the water is what makes it ...
  • Whoop ..... Dee ..... Doo
  • " Do you ....... feel like I do" Haven't been out with m4/3 for a little while, so Always happy when shooting m4/3 and the fisher of kings Danny.
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