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If this image didn't have Weston's name attached to it, would you think it is anything special? Often times, I wonder how much the audience is biased by attaching a famous name to the work. Whether it's a song by Pink Floyd, a movie by Chris Nolan, a work by's as if once your name reaches a critical point, you'll garner praise even if the work is mediocre.

The image here is somewhat interesting. The shape of the pepper and the shadows makes it look like two figures embracing. Maybe that's the genius of it. I don't know if this image helped make Weston famous, or people just give it more attention than it deserves.

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Great. Another device to assist people in being more self-indulgent than they already are. "Look at what I'm eating!" "Hey, I'm taking a dump!" "Look where I am!" "Isn't this view great?"

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As much as I love photography, I would never want to go pro. It is such a hard climb; so many years of hustling, and doing things you don't wanna do just to stay competitive, with no guaranteed success. And if the climb isn't hard enough, staying on top is probably harder.

Thank god I love my day job. It provides enough so I can pursue photography purely for the fun of it.

Edit: I realized after I post that this is not about being a pro.

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skanter: Wow. PP your image before you take it! Brilliant.

Yep. It's called Pre-processing.

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To the Moldovans: That'll learn ya.

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MrBrightSide: The only thing is, if you buy this lens, are you settling for something less than greatness in your pix? Will you, on your deathbed, say if I'd only saved up for a few months more I could have bought the Canon 24-70 and taken pictures that were 2 percent better and maybe that 2 percent would have pushed me into the top ranks of photographers, buying that lens was a one-way ticket to palookaville.

You can't buy your way to the top.

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Bambi24: Not professional photography. Type in "Deadvlei" in Google pictures and there are about 2 million pictures of dead Acacia just like the one in the article.

Cool trees for sure. But everyone and their mom has shot them. Many images are better than the one in the article which is boring.

The videos of this place are also far more exciting to watch, since it gives you a sense of size, which pictures don't do. There are things that lend themselves to photography and things that lend themselves to video, pick your battles better.

How is Mr. Marom not a professional? Photography is his full time job, and he leads numerous photo tours. Yes, he is here to make a name for himself, to drum up traffic to his own site, and there is nothing wrong with that. In return, he shares his fantastic images and the process behind them with us.
Also, I don't care if "everyone and their mom has shot them." I haven't. Instead of trolling DPR, why not get off the keyboard and go where no man has ventured before and share with us your originality and skills.

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We're gonna need a bigger phone.

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OlyPent: 300 posts on essentially nothing.

Welcome to DPR. Post an article on composition and 9 out of 10 members' eyes glaze over. This crap OTOH, will reach 1000 posts before the end of the week.

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goodgeorge: I am still quite surprised how many beginners spend so much money on Photoshop while we have Affinity for a few bucks or GIMP completely for free.

That's the power of marketing. When your name is synonymous with photo editing of any kind, and it practically becomes a verb, you know you have the market cornered.

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I kinda like the idea. The further I get into this hobby, the more I am making images instead of taking pictures. I've thought about bringing only an 8G SD card for a week long photography trip (D810, RAW, landscape), as a means of introducing constraints, but I haven't done it yet.

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Do it once. Do it right. I prefer a dedicated L-Bracket with a raised lip on bottom to conform to the body to prevent accidental rotation. Since I live on a tripod, I consider a L-Bracket to be a must. RRS is asking a lot, but it's a permanent part of my D810. Amortized over my ownership of the camera, it's negligible.

I don't mind the orange.

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Fujica: oh wow a new lens.... Innovation full speed ahead.

Wanting "innovation" simply means wanting some novelty to justify another cycle of upgrade. It's a excuse to spend money.

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Was the lens calibrated for AF before these tests? Or are they straight outta the box?

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Shangri La: What's the point?

It's called play, creativity, and imagination. It might seem like a new trend but it's actually been around for a long time. You should try it.

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NowHearThis: I'm a little surprised they haven't gotten calls from every 18-35 single male within a hundred mile radius - maybe there's yet hope for the rising generation...

"only that you don't want to be shooting them with their junk hanging out or going for the money shot."
I agree. Capturing the consummation doesn't have to be explicit porn. If I were photographing the couple, I would focus the telling the story, which to me is the intimacy and the connection between the two. You can do that without showing penetration or even any nudity at all. They ask for it to be "documented in a beautiful and tasteful way." Only an interview will reveal what that means to them.

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NowHearThis: I'm a little surprised they haven't gotten calls from every 18-35 single male within a hundred mile radius - maybe there's yet hope for the rising generation...

You said you weren't fat or just did. You're perpetuating the stigma that most people are too ugly to be photographed, and need to cover up. And that only the young, beautiful, athletic, and sculpted (who decides that anyway?) are worthy of exposure. Western society needs to be less self-conscious, not more. If you think you're ugly, that's your own cross to bear.

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I'm not normally cynical about new products but Lee is late to the party. Haida, Nisi, Breakthrough, and presumably others, have been turning out ND filters that have little (or an easily correctable) color cast for years. As for "extremely accurate stop values?" For me it just takes a bit of experimentation to find out whether it's exactly 10 or 11 stops. At those prices, only truly demanding professionals and people who really want to buy the brand name will be interested.

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