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leebee: Stupid marketing move for their imaging division. Ricoh is mainly known for second rate copiers and the name taints the Pentax brand name which has historically been well received.
The question now is when Nikon buys Sony's camera division will the Sony name survive on cameras.

Because you don't know Ricohs history does not mean nobody does.

Ricoh made excellent cameras before the Pentax brand was established. I have an excellent Ricoh Diacord twin reflex camera, they made superb SLRs during manual focus film camera days and not only the wonderful GR series film compacts but also premium Leica M39 lenses.

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On article Leica unveils X2 16MP premium large-sensor compact (207 comments in total)

lol, it even looks like an old viso flex :)

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Zvonimir Tosic: Focus by wire still puzzles me. Why? It works bad enough on X100, and even if it's 3 times as better on X-Pro 1, it's still useless. For a camera that's intended for a more traditional approach to composition, a more responsive manual focusing mechanism would be of greater benefit.

But again, when faced with the ugly reality of cost, we've got what Mike Johnston has said:

"C'mon, we have enough good bargain cameras to choose from. Let's have some spendy ones too. The more money the manufacturers have to work with the more they can do, price being the #1 constraint on any camera and especially lens designer."

And lens/focus by wire are the department that I'd like Fuji had sorted out better.

i'm with you there, thats what killed the Ricoh GXR 50 mm module for me, and, to a degree the 28mm one (although it focuses faster than the 50mm).

But you could get the Ricoh GXR + M Mount module and have true, mechanical manual focus that works VERY well.

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Nikonworks: I read Thom Hogan's characterization of Fuji's move into a mirrorless niche:
" Minor bet made (by Fuji) by putting interchangeable primes on an updated X100 frame (upcoming X-Pro1)."

This suggests that we should not 'bet' (buy) the new Fuji X system until they raise their 'bet' perhaps by getting their zoom lenes to market.

Why invest in a new system that was not that much of an investment for Fuji to enter in the first place?

Can't wait until a production review.

Thoms comment is simply untrue. The X-Pro1 has not much in common with the X100, except that they both target enthusiats.

new body
new sensor
new viewfinder
new lenses

yeah, totally an X100 with lens mount...

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unlearny: I wish this came with a rangefinder. Going through my GF1 images using the M mount adapter, about half of all the images are out of focus to some degree, which sucks. My Epson RD1s, on the other hand, are tack sharp and require less cropping.

your GF1 has no focus assist, the GXR has.
on the NEX it works well, the GXR mode 2 seems to work even a bit better.

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Killerfact: In my opinion some folks are missing the M9 point. The way the camera handles is superb, the process of actually taking a photograph is a much better experience that shows in the pictures.
The M9 doesnt feel like a computer.. and that for me has reawakened my love of photography. Oh and the quality of the pictures from most of the lenses is almost mystical.

I actually owned the M8 for quite a while and altought I loved rangefinder focusing, everything else in terms of ergonomics is horrible. The boxy body, the menus, the controls, aweful. A rangefinder camera with an ergonomic grip and modern menu system would be something...

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Vadimka: This is an amazing news, no matter how you spin it. I don't know and quit honestly don't care what Ricoh will do with Pentax name, what is important is what they will do with the new technology they now will possess. Now they will have lenses, DSLRs and manufacturing know-hows at their disposal. They can call new cameras Pendehos, for all I care, and I will still use it if its a great product. I have no problems using Panasonic G1 or GH2 and use it more than my 5D, and don't care that Panasonic is not synonymous with photography.

Ricoh needs to stay on their track of being Innovative and try to make the best of it. I'm almost certain they can do a mirrorless APSC and even a mirrorless Medium Format camera in few years time.

In today's day and age, product is more transparent than ever before. Independent reviews, photos etc... Consumer are more educated than ever and its more difficult for companies like Canon and Nikon to do nothing and get 95% share of the market.

yep. I don't care about Pentax legacy, I care about Ricoh. I hope they will stick to the great GXR and dump the Q instead.

One thing important: the K5 has pretty good live-view AF. Ricoh could use that knowledge for their GXR modules. The 50mm is still rather slow compared to other systems.

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