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ok, but what about the lenses used. Is it the kit lens for those with interchangeable? And which exactly is, for those with multiple "kit" options?

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Sam Carriere: Doesn't sound to me like anything of much interest to a photographer. ...

Have you tried to take a shot of a lightning with and without chdk?
Have you ever taken a shot 60s long in any canon older than 2 years? have you ever had the ability to customize bracketing in any number of shots you like, to customize time lapse? Do you have any means for movement detection shots without CHDK?

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The release is a very good step towards reinforcing its user commitment. But their real interest on them would be better shown if they would also take the little work needed to publish some specifications, such as lens profiles, app headers, fonts etc. The community will find out sooner or later, why not support them? What proprietary interest do they find in a third part lens profile, in the enhancement of their existing product features without their expenditure?

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On article Sony releases two new apps for the NEX-5R and NEX-6 (60 comments in total)

10 apps in six months... They shouldn't be working that hard :) . It reminds me of the Soviet Union shops.

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the perfect combination should have
- minimum noise at iso 6400
- pixels don't have to be above 16m
- ability to crop within camera
- touchscreen, but only for focus, not menus
- rotary dials for selections of aperture, speed, iso
- weather sealed body
- standard batteries
- detachable flash
- Open Operating System or at least an available API to it.
- movement detection (for now available only in chdk as far as i know)
- Hdr (all the more include it)
- full intervalometer (easy applied, its only software, but rare)
- mutliflashing (that is itervalometer for the flash, rather easy also, only software. I know, heat, batteries, but software can set limits)
- Looong exposure times, just as the old film days, at least 5min. (for most the 1 min is only a few lines of code is their OS, but...)

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I see a trend that i like. MFT or NEX's trend. Which is: the modular camera.
In specific: i buy a body without anything else.
Do i need a lens, a viewfinder, a flash, some software (or even a new OS), maybe a new sensor? why not? i am not stuck with anything. I can add/remove/change.

On the other hand, the features that i would like to see more progress are:
- Open Operating System (Android?)
- More Dynamic Range. Technology MUST reach the human's eye extent someday.

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