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Been waiting for this camera to be released and am shattered that It does not have a fully articulated screen. So useful and so easy to include. What is wrong with you Fuji??? Most likely a deal breaker.

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Removing the dedicated exposure compensation dial is an absolute deal breaker for me. Any serious photographer would realize just how important this dial is.
I intended to buy one but now I'm not!
I will wait for the rumored X-T3 and just hope the dial remains.....

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All this fuss over aesthetics! As a retired professional I always (as one should) put aesthetics a long, long way behind form and function, after all a camera is a tool.
Yes, sorry, I do want to make a point here. My career started way back in the analogue days and I truly thought the black body cameras were head and shoulders above the silver ones in looks. But I always bought the silver model. Why? Try reading the dials and navigating the controls of an all black camera in very low light. now try it with a silver camera - chalk and cheese!

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JackM: EVF on an SLR is just wrong.

Why, oh why? The camera creates the image electronically, so why the heck wouldn't you want to see it the same way???
The OVF was created and had its place in the analogue era - it is now redundant!

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This is not surprising and a perfectly logical thing for Olympus to do. Think about it - Olympus don't have a M43 camera directly competing with Panasonic's GH-2 etc.
This is most likely to be the OM based camera - so almost certainly would be Micro four thirds. Where is the idea that there would be a sensor size change coming from?

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