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freediverx: What is the purpose of increasing the resolution on smartphone displays beyond the point where it can be perceived by the human eye from normal viewing distances?

This just adds cost, battery consumption, and processing overhead without providing the user with any appreciable benefits. Typical of a company focused on fooling gullible buyers with meaningless specs instead of focusing on solving problems.

It gives us OPTIONS! If you dont like it, dont buy it.

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arhmatic: Why is the guy playing with the camera in the last shot wearing white gloves?

Wearing gloves does not prevent spreading of flu.

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daveinorillia: This is silly. All Marketing hype. Although "The Dark Continent" is archaic and may be offensive to some. The wording of the ad is meant to add a sense of adventure. Most of these scopes will never see Africa.

It should be no more offensive than "African-American" term for black (negro) people.

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James Babb: Hunting can benefit a species. If a particular animal brings hunter tourists into an African community, that community will value and protect the species.


As for the "dark continent" reference, that was just a little sloppy. Even NPR made the same mistake.


What's wrong with "dark continent"?

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People, where is your common sense?
What is wrong with rifle scopes and "black continent"?
Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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Tape5: 'And God placed the gigantic disc of earth....'

Last time I checked it was a sphere.

It looks like disc from cosmos. Anyway, you are at the wrong forum section.

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