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  • No love for iPhones...again
  • It does seem odd though that DXO would obtain the rights to the Nik plug in, but not make it usable within their own photo editing software.
  • In the hopes of getting some direction. First, I very much appreciate the work that was put into this effort. I am wondering though how I would take the values posted in the charts above and ...
  • Color accuracy is something important to me. Of those who have responded, what is the best way to achieve accurate color? A color checker chart & custom made profile? A calibration tool, like a ...
  • Replied in Is it just me
    or do the people from the original photo (and all subsequent samples) look orange?
  • Couple different takes DXO PL Nik SilverFX #16
  • Just as a matter of offering something different, I've often found myself using the HDR feature of an old On1 plugin (Effects 10) I also darkened the sky and added a few ticks of vibrance & ...
  • Thanks everyone for the replies. Any advice on brands, or sellers?
  • As it stands right now, it is unchanged from the previous free version. If DXO shows improvements and/or added features, then I would consider purchasing. I see no reason to pay money for software ...
  • I didn't notice any difference, both seemed identical
  • I invite everyone to check out some samples I posted of original vs DXO versions here:
  • Here are some comparisons, old version vs DXO version. All done as a filter in PS, all at default settings. And no, the text does not scale to 4k display. Low key - Original Low key - DXO Classic ...
  • Guess I was wrong for thinking PL owners would get Nik for free :-(
  • Percentage of area after cropping - as opposed to original size
  • I should also mention it's a 139% crop, so the detail is also incredible
  • Created discussion thread Non NX lens adapter questions
    I am interested in using some non-NX lenses on my NX500, and I did a search on the forum but still have some questions: 1. Does using an adapter change the focal length of the lens, in relation to ...
  • Open the same picture in C1, Luminar, PS, Lightroom, PhotoLab, Winows viewer will look different in each one. That's been my experience.
  • Created discussion thread Love the colors...
    ...from my NX500. DXO PL only Clearview, adjusted exposure & highlights with PS camera RAW
  • Low end: High end (non-gaming): Not absolute recommendations, just ...
  • What is your budget? When updating Nvidia drivers, you can pick/choose what options to install. Also, most updated drivers are related to gaming improvements, or keeping up with major OS upgrades. ...
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