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We are Lovers spurned by a fickle Abobe who cares only for our money

Link | Posted on May 11, 2013 at 00:24 UTC as 209th comment

I do not like subscription programs. This is a naked grab for user's pocket books. It will double the cost of staying current. I prepay minutes for my cell. I pay my credit card off monthly. I only buy a car with cash. I am now looking at dropping my Direct TV satellite and going with web tv.
No way am I signing up for Cloud.
I don’t like Lightroom so I don’t see this as an option.
My First copy of PS was CS1. I have upgraded 3 times to the current CS6.
I will be looking for alternatives.

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X-E1 Review (517 comments in total)

With the raw image processing issues resolved and its seemingly great lens line I am starting to warm to the Fuji X cameras, but I look at these studio images, and they seem disappointing in comparing them to the other cameras. Only in hi iso does it lead but only to my eye by a half stop.
Is this camera the emperor with no clothes? Some of those other cameras have so much more going for them from a functional point of view what are you really gaining here?

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ennemkay: this thing is going to fly off the shelves. it's targeted at the masses so don't criticize it for not being a nex-7 competitor. most people commenting are simply upset that it wasn't targeted at their demographic.

Only to the ill informed. Clearly any informed buyer will find more for their $ from four thirds, NEX, and NX.

Link | Posted on Jul 24, 2012 at 00:27 UTC

The NEX F3 is selling for $600 with a kit zoom lens. If I were stepping up from a p&s why would I pay $800? - $200 more for this canon with a fixed lens?

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CameraLabTester: Lets remember that "Real World" photo opportunities are in reality bland and mediocre.


Barney, this posters comment is a throw away insult that ingores the purpose of the samples. I wonder why you even post it or don't delete it.

Link | Posted on Jul 4, 2012 at 13:30 UTC

Maybe I missed it, but why did they center the evf on the NX20 and not put it to the side like the NEX7? Most comments I have seen on the NEX7 finder like the finder to the side.

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On article Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery Tutorial (162 comments in total)
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Rubenski: Post processing this will always look fake because you miss the graduality of shooting wide open. For me these kind of tools are only made for the big crowd that will never make a really good picture anyway.

Using blur layers with masks has been available all along. You can paint on your blur layer mask with varying shades of gray to come very close to a graduated bokeh effect. You can also use a circular gradient in your mask to achieve a graduated blur.

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Maybe I will get slammed for copy infringement. I don’t have time to go thru all the comments. I have to say I think this is ridiculous. These two pictures have a different point of view and a different perspective. They have in common the color of the bus. So what if the one was using the other for inspiration. This is a technique widely used. Just look at all of the wedding photographers who have used it, and ever since the digital era.
The history of art is full of artists copying aspects of other’s work. An awful lot of art would have to come down from the walls were that not allowed. This is an overreaching grab. It suppresses the development of art. It is too high a price to pay.

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On article Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (91 comments in total)

Sad, for a person of film's time. You could almost say they were film. They did it so well.

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On photo Stonehenge in the Typically British, as seen by the British challenge (1 comment in total)

This has a spiritual character equal to any church

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