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SM7: It seems that the "new" features are those that they intentionally kept off the 600D, so they could release an "upgrade". Dirty marketing.


You rock! Been tellin' my peeps da same thing. Oh, and Black Ops SHOULD have been Black Ops 2, but they, like, held it back, dude, so we'd, like, buy ANOTHER game, dude. Dirty, dirty, marketing.

Gotta go, my Mom's calling me...

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elena: I thought I just posted a question, but now it has disappeared. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but can someone explain the HDR "backlight" feature to me? I understand HDR, just not the backlight.

Lemme try. Backlight HDR is a specific type of HDR that counters a heavily backlit scene, like when the Sun is behind your subject. Simply: it enables you to take correctly exposed images when the background is much brighter than the subject.

Edit: a camera with a high FPS or a tripod is usually required for optimum results.

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HeezDeadJim: Hmm....I'm actually relieved that they are keeping the Rebel series as "entry" level (wait, hear me out!). No one likes to save up hard earned money for something they've always wanted, only to find out the newer versions of lesser line products "borrowed" or uses the same "features" of what the higher products had a few years ago. This is quite apparent with phones and other smaller devices.

When I saw the 18MP that my 7D had, I was worried they would have a similar (if not the same) 19 AF points. Glad to see it's still 9-points (although for this price, bumping it to, let's say, 12-points would be justified). I worked really hard to get my 7D (upgraded from a modest Rebel XT (7-point AF), and would cry if some spooty Rebel out-spec'd it already. I guess that won't come till next year with the Rebel 5i, or 70D.

According to Canon Rumors, Photokina, coming this September, will be big for Canon as four new cameras will be introduced between now and then (there). Will a 70D be among them?

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Francis Carver: Wow, EIGHT HUNDRE FIFTY BUCKS (!!!) for something like THIS? No, Canon..... we really do not think so, Dudes.

@Francis Carver

It's pud-knockers like "Francis" who bitch that Canon never does anything new, THEN when they do something new, they bitch that it's not FREE. Hello? Tech costs money.

How's Canon going to bring US cutting-edge new stuff if WE'RE not willing to pay for it? If you're a pud-knocker, just buy any camera and SHUT UP. If you're into Canon, then understand the money you spend on Canon equipment is an investment in YOUR photographic future. This is going to be a good year for Canon, so be happy.

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davidthegray: I can't believe it has no built-in gps for geotagging yet!
What are they waiting ofr?

About GPS Receiver GP-E2

For simple and accurate recording of time and location information, Canon's compact GPS Receiver GP-E2 is the perfect complem... blah, blah, blah.

The touch screen gets grief and yet THIS "tweaker" of a feature is on somebody's mind.

A guy's looking at an image of the Grand Canyon:
Q: "Where was this taken?"
A: "Uh, duh, I dunno, my, duh, camera ain't got no GPS."

Isn't that what an image is, hmm, a record of time and location?

Edit: the T4i IS GP-E2 compatible for those into geotagging. I know this guy would like it "built-in," but...

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ThomasSwitzerland: Just another me too product. Who needs this? And look at the ergonomics. I do not want this camera for my expressions. Fall asleep with such a kind of photographic equipment. Nikon +endless+MP - Canon boring - waiting for the real thing. Maybe just "dynamic true range..."

Blinka lilla stjärna, Hur jag undrar vad du är. Upp över världen så högt, Som en diamant i skyn. När flammande - få fan oughta här Nikon Fanboy!

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Kf1902: Can anyone confirm this has the same 6 frame RAW buffer as the 550D?

From what I'm reading elsewhere its:

22 Large/Fine JPEG and 6 CR2.RAW (550D has 34 Large/Fine JPEG and 6 CR2.RAW).

In the words of Theo Paphitis, I'm out....


Sony makes cameras? Wow, thanks for pointing that out on a Canon product release.

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Naveed Akhtar: I left Canon for Nikon 4 years ago,and then moved to m4/3, but this is the first time when I am finding Canon attractive.

Well done Canon!


Way behind who...Sony? ePhotozine gave the A57 high marks only to conclude, "...it just seems the camera it replaces (the A55) was just as good if not better."


Tell your Mom to buy you the Sony and go away!

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Userage: Clearly the Pentax K30 is much better value, I think they should have done a bit more. The line of camera (500,550,600;d) is used for videography a lot I doubt they will use its AF, since magic lantern makes manual focus much easier. :S

Is there anything I've missed out from reading this?

The K30 has no ext. mic jack, really? Doh!

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123Mike: + Canon lovers finally get to enjoy AF during video, which was a complete deal breaker for any family video needs.
+ People invested in Canon accessories do not have to look at jumping ship to Sony anymore, which was up to now the only brand that offered decent AF during video
+ Continued access to Canon's most excellent lenses.
+ choose between contrast and phaseshift detect focusing for photos.

- Only 30 fps video
- Only 5 fps photos
- Still side ways flip out screen.
- No in body stabilization, need expensive lenses.
? however - video uses digital stabilization ?

Sony offers:

+ 60 fps video
+ 10, some 12 fps photos
+ Better flip out screen.
+ In camera stabilization (video does a very effective digital stabilization).
+ In camera high quality panorama.
+ Hand hand high quality twilight/night multi photo combining.
+ ISO boost by combining multiple shots taken at 10 fps.
- slight light loss due to pentamirror mechanism.

Need expensive lenses for IS, since when? Have you looked at Canon EF-S IS lens prices compared to Sony lens prices? What, in camera IS doesn't require a lens? And since when did a Canon product announcement become a place for Sony fanboys?

When Sony can get out of their sensors what Nikon can, they can talk some trash. Until then, shhh.

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tom sugnet: Canon is without ideas.

If camera makers didn't copy each other, there would only be ONE camera to chose from.

Hello, this is Earth, have we met?

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