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On article Hello Lightroom CC: Embracing the future (506 comments in total)

IF, at some point, all of my photos must be stored in the cloud by Adobe in order to be managed/edited by LR, then Adobe effectively OWNS my photos. They set the rules for their cloud storage and how they use it. Need more than 500GB of storage? No problem. Just pay Adobe another, say, $50 a year for up to 2TB of storage. Suppose Adobe updates it terms of use and says that now they can use your photos however they wish for advertising purposes. You abide by their rules or lose access to LR and your photos in the cloud.

Suppose Adobe decides that you must allow them to share your photos with, say, Flickr, or 500px, or similar photo sharing site? You either opt-in or you can no longer use LR.

Suppose Adobe decides to change their subscription model such that if you let your subscription lapse, you must pay for the years you let the subscription lapse before you can start using LR CC again. I have seen this before.

I prefer to keep full ownership and control of my photos.

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Everyone seems to think they'll hear a train coming and have time to get off the tracks but it isn't always so. I was in a city one day taking pictures of graffiti on train cars in an idling train. The engine was not in sight. I was not at a crossing, there was no fence, etc. There were two sets of tracks at this location about threw feet apart and I was standing between the sets of tracks taking my pictures. I heard nothing only the sounds of the distant engine idling. Suddenly, without any warning, a train on the OTHER tracks came out of seemingly nowhere at probably 60mph (or so it seemed anyway). I didn't have time to jump, move, or even think it was on me so fast. It went blasting by behind me. I wasn't hurt but boy it scared the s**t out of me!! Who would ever have thought that a zillion tons of steel could sneak up on you like that! The engineer probably never even saw me next to the tracks. He never blew his horn.

So now I no longer play photographer near trains. If I want photos of a train I'll use my telephoto from far away from the tracks.

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On photo Travelling bear in the Teddybears challenge (1 comment in total)

very cute!

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On photo The Count of Monte Cristo in the Teddybears challenge (2 comments in total)

I really like that! I can't believe he was lost and abandoned for 25 years! poor little bear! :)

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Have you read the terms and conditions on the page?
I'm not signing up for this!

"..., I (hereinafter "Participant”) hereby grant to Nikon Inc., its parents and affiliates, and the representatives, employees, directors, officers, agents, licensees, successors and assigns of each of the foregoing (collectively, "Nikon”) the absolute, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual right, license and permission to publish, copy, post, distribute, reproduce, display and/or otherwise use the images and/or photographs uploaded by Participant..."

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On photo solitary blue in the Bluebonnets challenge (1 comment in total)

not bluebonnets

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On photo Bluebonnets on Highland in the Bluebonnets challenge (1 comment in total)

not bluebonnets.

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On photo Blue Faith in the Bluebonnets challenge (1 comment in total)

not bluebonnets.

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awesome! Did you use a tripod for your panorama or did you just pan, hand-held?

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I'm new to these challenges. Why the size rule? Will images posted here be used for commercial purposes?

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I have seen a number of challenges like this that state, "client wants...". Does the winner get paid for the use of his/her image or does the client get to use it for free?

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On photo Monhegan Island, ME in the Lighthouse challenge (2 comments in total)

Nice composition! I've been there and have some very similar photos of the same lighthouse. I really love that island! I was surprised to see this photo here! I kind of thought Monhegan was a "secret" little island that few people visited.

I do like the composition but also feel that the reds and greens are too exaggerated. The green of grass, the red of the roofs, the brick building, and the very top of the lighthouse, the lichen on the side of the lighthouse seem pretty over-the-top. I really like the way the whites of the buildings were captured - they are nicely white and yet you can see all the detail and edges in the clapboards on the outside of the buildings.

Just my two cents worth, FWIW.

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