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On article CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor (252 comments in total)
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AEndrs: 120MP with a dynamic range only Canon shooters can love!

(That's their future slogan)

DR is not lacking in pictures, It's just a thing to troll about on the web...
I was Canon for years and now I have a Nikon (6D to D750). The Nikon is noticeably better to get back stuff in the shadows or highlight but it's not night and day and in real life

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bakhtyar kurdi: Rolls is for someone who traded his soul for material, then he discovered that he is so tiny and small and empty,what to do? he thought if he rides a big and expensive car he will become bigger, but he got smaller except in the eyes of those that they wish but don't know where and how to trade their souls for a Rolls, Sony Nikon Canon Olympus and othes even Hasselblad is for those that stand behind their pictures , Leica and Rolls are for those that hide behind their cars and cameras.
And Honda Civic is for those that use it for transportation, it is simple.

You are not talking about Ferrari, how about Ferrari ?
Also, does the Toyota Yaris work in the same way as Honda Civic or It is another category that you will address in a future post ?

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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waxwaine: An opposite construction concept than fragiles Sony´s bodies. Build to last.

That's never thé body that break first, electronic issues are far more probable and this Leica is certainly no better than any other ILC on that aspect.

That´s a quality product, very exclusive for resonably wealthy people. And it happens to be a good camera.
Personnaly, I could be tempted. Also a 6D and a X-T1 feels premium enough for me :-)

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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dspoel: People here always complain about Leica prices. But at least these cameras are not made in sweatshops under slave-like circumstances.

We buy stuff made there. we are complacent with it. all of us.
My camera are all made in Japan, but my iPhone is not, my PS4 is not, my iMac is not... the list is big.
We buy, they sweat. that's seems to be the deal.

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Reactive: What a great shame that Sigma are getting so greedy, just like Canon.

I'm sure they'll sell it to a lot more than the handfull you describe.
personnaly I use 50mm a lot and I can see myself getting this thing
I would give it a lot of use.

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (332 comments in total)

Nice !

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On article Fujifilm X-E2 Review (312 comments in total)
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Dimit: I've played with it for an hour or's a fine camera with 2014 standards BUT someone has to say this (since DPR suprisingly doesn't admit):
...sorry guys,better wait for a couple of years to get a descent car build-wise than a chevy right now!!!

The lens feels very well made, but the body is light and doesn't feel as solid than a E-P5 for exemple.
In my opinion, that just an impression, I don't think there's big differences in the long run.

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this range of aperture is usually found on standard zooms in other brands.
This is good for such a telezoom if the price is ok.

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Eleson: Who's footprints is it on the left? :)

Haven't you seen the movie ?

It's about to get thrashed by a transformer, this is it's footprint.

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wetsleet: "The composite image is made up of 55 high-resolution images, taken using its MAHLI [2MP CCD] camera"

So how does a 2MP camera take a high resolution image?

I love the "usually" !
Like this is a some kind of regular thing to send out a "malp" on another planet :)

I'm teasing Roland but I totally agree with you.

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Don't agree to give them credit. They should finish their products "before" selling them, not "after".

Yes they created fine cameras but, for the X10 as well as the X100, you really get the impression that they rushed them out without proper testing and validation. You don't inspire confidence with that.

I like those 2 camera, but as we say in France : "qui aime bien, chatie bien"

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Donar: Is the slow startup problem also fixed? I stopped using my X100 because startup time could take several minutes! And in between that time it looked like it was dead/broken and was not going to startup at all. Oke when I re-formated the memory card the problem was gone, but I like to work with large sdcards for a reason so was thinking of the OM-D EM-5.

I really like the panorama mode for the X100, but the internal stitching isn't that good, especially with white highlights (snow). Is that fixed? (does anyone know how the OM-D panorama mode works? The NEX-7 panorama mode seemed to work better than the X100's.

I agree with Donar, I have a sandisk extreme 8go and it's ok when just formated but half full or so, it can begin to slow down and it's a problem when you cannot empty your card every day.
ex : I don't have my computer in holiday.
If they could do something on this that would be nice...

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Updated this morning (10 min),
the RAW button thing is cool, now we have 2 customizable buttons.
The camera seems to focus a lot closer. But it might just be an impression, I haven't done any particular test yet.

Anyway, that's cool from FUJI to continue to add stuff to the camera. If they continue like that it will become okay good !!

As for the sticky blades, so far so good. 1000 shots since 21/02/12 and no issue. my camera has a serial beginnig with 21xx

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It's always a lot at the begining, it will come down.

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